What Is Smart Home Automation & It’s Benefits

Business, English - October 29, 2020

Smart home automation has become huge over the past few years, but many people are not sure if they should jump on board.

Does this sound like you? Great, you’re in the right place. Today is about breaking down the walls of home automation and showing you all the clever ways, you can use it.

What Is A Smart Home?

Before getting into the home automation devices you can use to change your life; it’s probably best to start with what home automation is and how it can benefit you.

A smart home is a series of smart devices, set up in order to make your life easier. They can usually be controlled as part of a group or individually via your smartphone or a voice assistant.

This could be things like checking your security footage while you’re abroad or turning the lights off if you’ve forgotten.

The opportunities are limitless with home automation, and so are the benefits they can bring. Here are the main ones:

  • Safety – Smart devices made home security more accessible because they are easy to install and cheaper. 
  • Saves You Money – Smart devices like thermostats can help you save money on your energy bills; some claim to save up to 23%.
  • Convenience – Because everything can be controlled remotely, everything you need is just one click away.

There are plenty of other benefits that come with home automation; you just need to find the ones that work for you.

The most reliable way of achieving that is by checking out some home automation ideas!

Smart Home Automation Ideas

There are so many great smart devices out there, so it makes it hard to list them all in one place. But here are some of the best automation ideas to get you going:

Smart Security Cameras 

Security cameras have already been briefly mentioned, but they deserve a second. Smart security cameras’ beauty is they made it easy for anyone to set up a security fortress. 

The security cameras come with motion sensors built into the device. If it detects any motion, the camera will automatically begin recording and send you a warning.

You can either choose to view the footage right there and then or save the footage for later; the choices are up to you.

All of this can be done remotely so you know your house is still safe no matter where you are. 

Smart Lawn Mower

Some chores just aren’t enjoyable, and mowing the lawn is one of them. Luckily, you can palm the duties off on a robotic lawnmower.

They use intelligent sensors and boundary wires to help navigate around your lawn with ease. You can set the robot to schedules of your choice using the mobile app, or you can control remotely as and when you please.

The robot will automatically charge itself when it’s running out of battery and return to cutting once it’s charged back up.

Shower Heads With Alexa

Imagine being able to have a shower while finding out the daily news, or even better, listening to your favorite music. It would be pretty cool, right?

Well, all that is possible with smart showerheads. The waterproof nature of the devices means you don’t have to worry about the speaker breaking.

With Alexa built-in to the showerhead, it means you control other smart devices from the shower, which is pretty damn cool.

Multi-Room Music Amp

This is another one for all you music lovers. Listening to music is an excellent past time and mood enhancer. But sometimes the music you’re listening to isn’t for everyone.

Using a multi-room amp lets people enjoy their own music in their room. Or, more importantly, when you have a party, you can link all the sound systems together to enjoy a full home experience.

Smart Plug 

Smart plugs are a great starting point for people with many standard gadgets that need an intelligence boost. 

All you have to do is pair them with your Wi-Fi system and plug them into any device you want to control. By doing this, you’ll get full control of the appliance using your mobile phone, no matter where you are. 

Most people like adding them to their TVs or coffee makers, so they don’t have to move to enjoy their favorite things.

Smart Thermostat

If you want to save yourself some money on your energy bills, there’s no better way than with a smart thermostat.

They use intelligent modules to heat or cool your home in the most energy-efficient way possible. You can set multiple temperatures throughout the day to suit your needs.

This can be done remotely or from the unit. You can also use the geofencing abilities. This sets a virtual barrier around your home; when you leave the area, it will automatically turn off all the heating.

Smart Light Switch

The starting point for many people is with their lighting; the problem is light bulbs like Philips Hue bulbs can get pretty expensive.

Smart light switches offer a more affordable way of automating your light bulbs. They connect to your Wi-Fi and can be controlled using a voice assistant, from the wall, or your mobile phone. 

The lights can be set up with groups or work individually; this gives you more options when it comes to creating the perfect lighting atmosphere.

Security Light Bulbs

Sometimes you let people into your home that you think you can trust until they let you down. Security light bulbs give you the option of spying on rooms you don’t want people to go into.

They use motion sensors to alert you if anyone has activated the camera. Some even come with a two-way speaker so you can let them know they’ve been busted.

Rounding Up

There are so many other ideas to take advantage of, but which ones are right for you is completely up to you. Try picking devices that help you solve a problem. If you do this, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your home automation devices.