What is the safe mobile Huawei and for what it is

English - December 15, 2019

Image 1. What is the safe mobile Huawei and for what it is

The layer EMUI mobile Huawei includes a number of extra functions of privacy. We saw recently the private Space and today it is the turn of a similar concept, although different, the safe EMUI.

The name of this function is fairly representative of their performance, because basically it is a special folder where you can send your precious files to protect them from prying eyes. To “open” the safe it is necessary to use the fingerprint or a password.

What is the safe EMUI

The safety deposit box of EMUI is a place to hide photos, videos, audios or any other file. This is mainly one of the main differences between the safe and private space, and that is that in the latter only you can save photos, videos and music, without possibility for any other thing.

Image 2. What is the safe mobile Huawei and for what it is

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otherwise the concept is similar between both functions, although here the implementation is more simple. Is a special folder whose content is encrypted. During the process of creation of the safe you can choose where to save the folder, and can be viewed from any web browser that allows you to see hidden files (although you will not be able to view the content, which is encrypted).

Image 3. What is the safe mobile Huawei and for what it is you Can see the folder itself with a file explorer, but not the content

you Can access this safety deposit box from the security settings of the mobile as in-app of Files, though you will have to verify your identity before you see the content. This can be done by using a password or by associating your fingerprint.

How to set up your safety deposit box

If you would prefer to keep certain files from your mobile hidden, so that nobody can see it although the phone is unlocked at that time, the first thing you will need is create your own safety deposit box.

To do this you will need to go to the Settings of the mobile phone, enter in the section of Security and play safe. Tap then on Enable to begin the process.

Image 4. What is the safe mobile Huawei and for what it is

The first time you complete the process you need to set up the safety deposit box itself, including where it is saved (usually in the root folder of the storage). It is also the time to do the security settings that will protect the safes, both passwords and security questions and linkages optional of your fingerprint and accounts of Huawei.

How to save files in the safety deposit box

After you create the safe, this will be predictably empty. You have two ways to save files in its interior: from the safe and from the outside of the same. To do this from the safe, enter in the appropriate category (pictures, videos, or audio files) and tap on Add. Choose then files you want to send.

Image 5. What is the safe mobile Huawei and for what it is

you Can do exactly the same thing from the outside of the safe, using the application Files Huawei. In it, select the file or files you want to save in the safe deposit box, tap on the menu icon, and choose Move to safe.

Image 6. What is the safe mobile Huawei and for what it is

Keep in mind that is to move and not copy, so that the files will no longer be available normally, and will only in the safety deposit box and only after that use your fingerprint or password to verify that you are you.

If you want to remove a file from the safe deposit box, you can do it from it. In that case you will need to select the file in question and press the button Draw. If you want to delete all the safe, you can do it from your settings, you can choose if you want the files to be moved to another location before you delete it.

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