WhatsApp Video and Group Calling: How to Ensure Better Connectivity on WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp Video and Group Calling: How to Ensure Better Connectivity on WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp has made communication easier and better than ever. It all happened with the evolution of the internet. WhatsApp allows you to communicate with friends and peers through text, audio, and video. Moreover, sharing and sending pictures and important documents takes just a blink of an eye.

One of the notable features of WhatsApp is video calling. Move anywhere in the house while seeing and talking to your loved ones. WhatsApp video calling isn’t possible without Wi-Fi at home or a data plan on your mobile. Moreover, the speed of the internet should be enough to give a clear voice and picture. Some of the trusted isps are Mediacom, Xfinity, Cox, Frontier, and Spectrum internet offering high-speed internet at an affordable cost.

Things to Know about WhatsApp Video Calling

WhatsApp video calling is simple. You call a person in your contact list and once the receiver receives your call, each one can see on their respective smartphone or tablet screens. You might be aware of Skype that was used and still a top preference.  However, after WhatsApp became the mainstream, Skype is less likely to be used for one to one interaction.

WhatsApp video calling works on both iOS and Android devices. It is thus one of the best apps for cross-platform video calls. WhatsApp video calling is free of charge. However, you need to have an internet connection or mobile data plan to conduct the call. If you are calling someone over a Wi-Fi connection, you won’t be charged anything. But if you are using a mobile data plan, make sure to check on the data being used.  

All You Can Do with Video Calling on WhatsApp

WhatsApp video calling is a notable feature, which distinguishes it from the rest. Video calling does not need any effort. Rather, tap the contact you wish to talk and click the video camera icon next to the contact’s name.

The recipient can answer the video call on WhatsApp by swiping up the green button. However, if the receiver is busy and can’t pick the call, swiping up the red button will cancel the call. If the receiver picks the call, you both are ready to have a conversation while seeing each other’s faces.

WhatsApp video calls by default use the front camera of the phone. But if you want to show something else to the other person, you can simply switch it to the primary camera with just a few taps. In case, you don’t want another person to hear, simply tap on the microphone button to mute.

How to Get Best Connectivity on WhatsApp Video Call?

Most of the WhatsApp users complain about poor video quality when calling. There is nothing to do with the app itself. WhatsApp will adjust to the speed each time you call and adjust the quality accordingly. Make sure to check the speed of your internet through speed test tools available online. If you are getting speed lesser than advertised, contact customer support immediately and ask to fix the problem.

Comparing Apple’s FaceTime video call with WhatsApp video call, WhatsApp has shown better results. WhatsApp is in fact a dominator when it comes to video calling. Moreover, when tested WhatsApp video calling on 2G, 3G, and 4G, it worked superfluously on all three networks. However, 2G network video quality was pixelated and poor.

If you want to experience a better picture, make sure to test the speed of your internet. Also, don’t forget to check the Wi-Fi signals. Sometimes in dead spots, WhatsApp will allow you to do a video call, but the quality of the video will not be optimal.

Group Video Calls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp also makes it easy for its users to call up to four people simultaneously. However, group video calls are data sucker and if you are calling through cellular data, brace yourself to purchase another plan within less than a month.

WhatsApp Calling Not Supported on Web

Many of us use WhatsApp web due to convenience and ease. By scanning the QR code, WhatsApp can be used to send texts, files, and pictures to your contacts. However, WhatsApp video calling is not available until now. We hope the feature would come sooner or later – who knows.

Summing Up WhatsApp has gripped the world with its exciting features including sending texts, files, pictures, voice calls, and video calls. From miles away, you can communicate with the person just as he/she is sitting right in front of you. Stay in touch with your loved ones using WhatsApp. If you are facing any connectivity issue, make sure to check your internet connection.

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