Which Are Aussies’ Most-Played Online Casino Games and Why?

 Which Are Aussies’ Most-Played Online Casino Games and Why?

Pokies are hugely popular among Australians, but there has been a growing passion for other types of casino games. See which games are Aussies’ favorites.

Depending on which gambling reports you read and how you define gambling, it’s estimated that around 50% of the adult population of Australia gambles regularly in one form or another. In fact, Australians are considered the most prolific gamblers in the world, spending close to $250 billion on their favorite pastime every year.  This brings in billions in tax money for the Treasury and creates thousands of jobs.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the world, thanks to its natural wonders and open spaces, Australia is definitely a place many people dream to visit for all that it has to offer. Undoubtedly, Australians are beyond lucky to call this place their home.

But, apart from their beautiful country, one of the things many people from down under are known for is their love for gambling.  

Over the years, Aussies’ ever-increasing passion for online casinos has made it easier to gain access to some of their favorite online games – and we’re not just talking pokies…

Online Roulette

 Which Are Aussies’ Most-Played Online Casino Games and Why?

There is probably no other icon that symbolizes classic casino gambling like the roulette wheel, but the game is a lot more than old-world entertainment. Today, it’s possible to find multiple variants of roulette at brick-and-mortar casinos across Australia, and naturally online as well.

Australians absolutely love all forms of roulette, but European and American variations remain the strongest type. The odds of winning on European Roulette are better since the American wheel has an extra 0 added to the mix, but it all boils down to a matter of taste.

To truly get the feel of a brick-and-mortar casino floor, but if you prefer the convenience of online gambling, you can try out Live Roulette at leading Australian online casinos such as those that carry games by Evolution. This gives you the whole package – including the attention of a Live Dealer – but the action is streamed to your home using state of the art technology.

Online Baccarat

 Which Are Aussies’ Most-Played Online Casino Games and Why?

This is another traditional casino game that became an instant hit when it transitioned to the world of online gambling.

Australians love baccarat for a lot of reasons, including the fact that it has a low house edge and requires practically no skills.  The rules of baccarat are super-easy to understand. You need to bet on  either the banker’s hand or the player’s hand, with a third option being a tie. You’re essentially betting on whose hand wins and all that’s required from you is to place your wager and then sit back and watch the action unfold.

Online Poker

 Which Are Aussies’ Most-Played Online Casino Games and Why?

While Texas Hold ‘em is considered the star of online poker games, Australians are open to pretty much any variation of the game.

Stud games are fast picking up in popularity as they provide a different type of play strategy.  Online poker rooms are always heaving with players looking to sit down at a virtual table and put their skills to the test.

Even new online poker players will find their place at most sites, with betting ranges to suit everyone, free poker games to try out and action-packed free poker tournaments to enter.

Online Craps

 Which Are Aussies’ Most-Played Online Casino Games and Why?

Craps got a raw deal in the days before online casinos, because players got the impression that it was a complex dice game.

But thanks to the introduction of craps to the world of egaming, it’s become easier to understand its rules and practice strategies.

As a result, craps has enjoyed quite the revival and is up there at the top of the list among the most popular online casino games for Australian players.

The general rule of thumb adopted by most Aussie craps fans is to stick to two simple bets: The pass line and the don’t pass bets. These two types of bets carry a low house advantage (around 2%) which doesn’t wreak havoc to one’s bankroll and allows for many hours of online craps entertainment.

Online Video Poker

 Which Are Aussies’ Most-Played Online Casino Games and Why?

We wouldn’t rate this as themost popular online casino game among Australians but it is definitely picking up in popularity.

Video poker is the perfect combination between poker and pokies so that you get all the fun and skill factors rolled into one game. To add to the appeal, some variations of vide poker have a house edge as low as 1%!

 Which Are Aussies’ Most-Played Online Casino Games and Why?
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