The sole survivor syndrome

English - May 21, 2015

Few have survived alone in a plane crash, and something positive and not have died may find torture. That’s syndrome survivor

It is said that flying is the safest means of transport, and one finds that it is true href=”” if you compare the percentage of accidents with other vehicles such as cars and trains. However, is very difficult; therefore, the only survivors stories about one of them are worth telling.

Those who did not die

Since 1936, according to records, 56 people were the only survivors of a plane crash; the last, in 2014. Since 1970, a third of these people are children or any member of the crew, and often suffer physical and psychological consequences.

Linda McDonald, 17, survived the crash of a Skayways flight that crashed in Buttermilk Hollow (United States) in the same 1936 killed 10 people, including her boyfriend, who could not get the plane because it was on fire; It is the first in the list.

Eduard Prchal, 32, was the pilot of the B-24 of the RAF in 1943 had among its other 10 passengers General Wladyslaw Sikorski, Polish Prime Minister in exile during the Nazi occupation, which crashed off the coast of Gibraltar, Prchal being the sole survivor.

Paul Ashton Vick out virtually unscathed from the accident a plane of the China National Aviation Corporation was in 1947 on the way to Chungkeng, in China itself. He was only 18 months old, and her father, one of the 26 passengers had time to provide the addresses of the grandparents of the child before dying from his wounds.

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Huang Yu, 24, was the leader of those who hijacked a commercial seaplane Cathay Pacific in 1948 with the intention of ransom, the first criminal act of this style in history, but the seaplane plunged into the Pearl River Delta in China, with 25 people on board and Yu did not perish because he jumped out the emergency door just before the seaplane crashed.

Nestor Mata , a journalist for 31 years, was the only one who survived in the air catásfrofe that killed Ramon Magsaysay, Philippines president, and 24 others in 1957 on impact his plane Air Force against Mount Manung-gal Cebu, in the Philippines itself. Since 1970, one third of the survivors of plane crashes have been children or crew members

Juliane Koepcke, 17, was traveling in an apparatus of LANSA in 1971, which disintegrated in the air with 91 other people in it and she fell three kilometers tied to his seat to finish on the thickness of the Peruvian Amazon and hours later, he awoke on the ground, still sitting. Nine days of wandering in the forest later, some peasants found.

Vesna Vulović, stewardess 22, contained in Guinness World Records as the person who has survived the biggest fall without a parachute, 10.16 thousand meters. Your YAT Airways plane exploded in the air in 1972 Srbská Kamenice, in the present Czech Republic, terrorist bomb Croats and 28 people died, and she was on that flight by an administrative error.

Annette Herfkens, 31 Venezuelan and Dutch ancestry, raised in the Netherlands and lives in Madrid, traveling on Vietnam Airlines flight that crashed into a mountain jungle in 1992 on the way to Vietnam Nha Trang airport. Her boyfriend died in the accident and other of the remaining 30 passengers survived the impact but, eight days later, only she was alive when she was found. There was only consumed rainwater.

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Bahia Bakari, 12, survived nine hours near Grand Comore in half Indian Ocean before being rescued, many of them at night, clutching a piece of the wreckage of Yemenia which had plunged into the waters, in the event that the other 152 people on board were killed, including her mother.

Ruben van Assouw, 9, was the only one who perished in the crash in 2010 near the apparatus of Tripoli Afriqiyah Airways he was traveling with 103 other people.

Survivor Syndrome

The disorder traumatic stress of those who survive to experiences as a plane crash, in many cases, causes this syndrome which at first was known as “concentration camps” because he first noticed among his survivors after World War II: psychiatrists and Leo Finn Askevold Eitinger (the latter dweller Auschwitz and Buchenwald ) realized that, for her recurring nightmares, 83% of them had developed in Norway.

Although it was in 1976 when other Two psychiatrists, Robert Lifton and Eric Olson, described it href=”” after the Buffalo Creek disaster (USA) 1972, floods caused by the rupture of a dam because of the nearby mining activity, which killed 125 people, injured 1,121 and 4,000 were left homeless.


This syndrome is also found in many of those who succumbed to the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in other survivors of the Second World War, the Vietnam, the Asian tsunami and, in general, in individuals involved in situations that other people have died. Suffer The good of surviving becomes a real torment; feel guilty anxiety towards death, flashbacks and nightmares about the specific episode that suffered, sense of guilt for having survived them and not the other or even for not having saved, irritability, lack concentration and emotional sensitivity and apathy. Their social relationships deteriorate by their propensity to isolation and also tend to become obsessed with the search for a transcendent meaning of mortal event.

The survivor syndrome is a kind of tragic irony aware: the good of surviving becomes a real torment, in extreme cases, can end in suicide. Pass the match and reach acceptance and relief of life should be the object of psychological treatments they need people who face.