Download the new Google Play Store 4.3.10 APK

Google has just released a new update of its app store. The new Google Play Store 4.3.10 incorporates several innovations in terms of notifications that greatly improve the user experience. Here we have all the details.

 Google Play Store

New Google Play Store 4.3.10

Google itself is working hard. On July 25 released version 4.2.9 the Play Store after the launch of Android 4.3 and today, just 11 days later, just released a new version 4.3.10.

But what’s New In This Update? Mainly interface improvements, a new section and some other things.

New Section Recently Updated

The most significant (and obvious) of this new version of the PlayStation Store is the added a new version called “Recently Updated”. If you have a lot of applications on your device intaladas, browse through the extensive list is not the most comfortable, especially if you’re looking for an application that you have just upgraded and is in the middle of the list. It also often happens that update several applications at the same time and clean the notifications but then we have no idea what they were. Well, to solve these drawbacks, this new version includes this section is as shown in the image below: 7

 Google Play Store 4.3.10 APK

Update Notifications combined

Since the new section we saw above shows apps that have been updated recently, it is expected that the new Google Play Store 4.3.10 combines all notifications updates instead of displaying a list. Great news that we can win in comfort.

 Google Play Store 4.3.10 APK-2

Notifications of new episodes

We now also have new notifications episodes in the notification area. Also, the buttons Play / Download are conveniently added to these notifications. Very good.

Minor adjustments

In addition to these developments also have some minor changes. For example, the button “Buy” and “Rent” have exchanged their position.

 Google Play Store 4.3.10 APK-3

Wallet’s logo has been removed from button next to “Rent” (is Google Wallet distancing the Play Store?)

 Google Play Store 4.3.10 APK-4

Download Google Play Store 4.3.10

The update is coming little by little to the users but as this can take several weeks, if not want to wait you can download the official APK signed by Google from any of the links below.

Via: Input Download the new Google Play Store 4.3.10 APK appears first in Android Zone .

Download the new Google Play Store 4.3.10 APK

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