3 Reasons why you can’t use Facetime and how to bypass restrictions

3 Reasons why you can’t use Facetime and how to bypass restrictions
Error Prompt in FaceTime Activation

I dived into forums regarding FaceTime and found out that the majority of the queries were “Why Can’t I Use FaceTime on my Phone?” Well, the first factor to consider is closely related to “what” your device is. Unless you’re living under a rock for quite some time now, you would know that FaceTime is exclusive for Apple products. So if you have an Android-running smartphone, I’m very sorry to tell you that you won’t be able to use Apple’s proprietary app, FaceTime.

Faced with the bitter truth, we Android users sure are crestfallen. Apparently, a ray of hope emerges out from nowhere. It says that there are a couple of great alternatives for FaceTime that Android users can readily download from the Google Play Store. Learn more about that in the article FaceTime for Android: Bitter Truth & 5 Alternate Options.

Don’t let your disappointment distract you from the true reason why you can’t use FaceTime. This time, I’m supposing that you own an Apple device, may it be an iPhone or an iPad. Check these three hardware restrictions that prevent you from joining in the fun:

1.  Regional Restrictions

Another bitter truth: FaceTime isn’t available in all countries or regions.

If you are living in the US and is enjoying FaceTime, your friends in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, and in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) aren’t experiencing the same thing. Why?

3 Reasons why you can’t use Facetime and how to bypass restrictions
Apple has been reaching out to UAE to lift the Facetime ban

UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (commonly called as TRA) has set strict standards to control dissent and terrorism. Communications through your device are closely monitored in these regions, which is why, using video calling apps, like Apple’s FaceTime, is not allowed by the UAE government.

This restriction includes all the Apple phones purchased in the region. Let’s say, you asked someone from the area to buy and send you a new iPhone. Upon receiving, you realize that you can’t access FaceTime even if you’re in a country where the app is allowed. I recommend that you buy an Apple product in FaceTime-enabled regions if you want to use the video calling app.

2.  Carrier Restrictions

We had discussed the regional restrictions that blocking your access to FaceTime. Now, let’s see how network carriers have gone into play. The Apple devices sold by the two biggest UAE telecommunication companies Du and Etisalat and the local Apple store don’t have FaceTime on them.

However, there are instances that when the phone has been inserted a SIM from a different carrier from a country wherein FaceTime is enabled, the video calling app became usable. Some also say that when using Du network, they were able to use FaceTime while the Etisalat network required a VPN. Remember, it’s a case-to-case basis and we can’t expect that these would happen with us too.

Network carriers outside those prohibited areas may also play their part in restricting your FaceTime usage. There are carriers which restrict FaceTime to certain data plans or let you use the app only when connected to a WiFi network. If you still can’t use FaceTime even in regions where the app is allowed, it might be that you don’t have an eligible data plan to start with.

3.  Network Restrictions

FaceTime involves voice and video calling, which in turn, require a fast network speed. You should know and remember that FaceTime doesn’t work on low bandwidth data connections like 2G, EDGE, and low 3G networks. Clearly, having an internet as slow as a turtle won’t lend you access to FaceTime. To address this problem, you have to connect to a stable Wi-Fi network or purchase an eligible data plan, as what was mentioned earlier.

3 Reasons why you can’t use Facetime and how to bypass restrictions
FaceTime lets you chat with your loved ones anywhere in the world

How To Bypass These Restrictions (With a Catch, Of Course!)

You may be itching to use FaceTime on your Apple iPhone but can’t. Have you tried bypassing those restrictions? Just to remind you: This one’s quite risky!

The first obvious way to bypass the regional restriction is to install a VPN. A VPN can make it look like you’re in a different location by changing your IP address. Some people have tried and successfully enabled the FaceTime app on their iOS device.

If you’re bold enough, you can open and tinker your phone to bypass some security measures that are being installed. However, it will void your warranty so if something goes wrong, be prepared to throw your smartphone to the garbage can and buy a new one. I’m talking about the worst-case scenario.

FaceTime video calling is great; but if your desire to access it would harm you, it’s better to be content on what your Apple iPhone has to offer.

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