5 Tips for Choosing a Jazz Band for Your Wedding

5 Tips for Choosing a Jazz Band for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be challenging and complicated. Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime affair to many, it is not uncommon to want the very best event. You can settle for wedding planners to give you all the services in one package or carry out some of the tasks by yourself.

One of the things one would like to do personally is planning the entertainment schedule. If you would like to incorporate jazz music into your wedding schedule, there are many factors to consider before choosing a band. To make this process easy, consider the tips listed below:

1)    Research Options

There are many jazz music bands out there. You probably have a list of these bands. Choosing the right one to fit your theme is crucial. Jazz bands differ in the style of music they play and the instruments involved. They also vary in their member composition. For instance, if you would wish to have a two-member band perform at your wedding, there are quite affordable jazz duos options available online.

Some bands have vocalists while others are purely instrumental. Having such information can help you choose the best options for your wedding.

2)    Guests

Despite the wedding being yours, entertaining guests should be a priority. Choosing entertainment that can cut across the ages and still remain fun and tasteful is a hard task. Settle for a jazz band that will offer an epic performance. Go for that which excites your guests despite the age difference. The number of guests can determine your band size. Small and intimate weddings require a small band to achieve a balance. However, do not let that limit you. You can also use a large jazz band to entertain a small wedding if it meets all your desired requirements.

3)    Pricing Option

Jazz band charges vary from one group to the other. This is because some charge fixed rates and others charge per hour. Other factors that might influence pricing include logistics to get the band and the equipment’s to your wedding location and the number of band members. Additional charges might be accrued in case there is a need to learn and perform new songs. Choosing a jazz band that does not exceed your budget is necessary. This ensures that you get value for money and avoid last minute hitches.

4)    Venue Space

While choosing a jazz band for your wedding, consider the size of your venue first. Large bands require space and if you cannot provide that, you might ruin it. You can also choose a small venue if your band is small and their entertainment content might not reach all guests as required. Depending on the band you opt to go with, you can change the venue to fit your arrangements.

5)    Occasion

Not all jazz bands are fit to entertain at a wedding. Go for the bands that have experience performing at weddings. Such bands will deliver the best entertainment since they understand how weddings flow better. You can also choose bands whose specialty is to offer entertainment during weddings only.

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