Curiosities and things you didn’t know about insects

Beloved and in many cases hated these invertebrate animals that are characterized by antennae, wings, many legs or sometimes only 2 are tiny but possess the ability to kill many people in fear of many people around the world, but not only cause fear but also cause fear but also disgust or tenderness.

The stunning world of insects

The Colémbolos are a kind of very tiny arthropods that are present on all continents including Antarctica, they are perhaps the most numerous animals on the planet since it is estimated that there are 62,000 per square meter and are also distinguished by being the animals the oldest species on earth and about 8000 species of colémbolos are known worldwide.

They can live under any climatic, geographical circumstance and live about a year.

Cockroaches are perhaps the most feared insects on the planet because they are often related to dirt and rot these insects just like the colémboles live only a year but are so fertile that they can leave 800,000 offspring in the course of their lives.

Ants are very social insects and usually live many in one place, and they cooperate incessantly for the development and sustaining of the colonies, are divided into three castes: males, workers, queens and each performs specific tasks.

Species of ants that have more than one queen in the colony are known as polyginias and colonies with a single queen that lays eggs are known as monoginias. The queen ant lives 30 years and in most cases can see all the other ants in the colony die.

Bed bugs are very small, wingless insects that feed on human blood, birds and mammals. The size of bed bugs is extremely small so they pose a real discomfort, and only go out at night to feed, they usually live in very hidden gaps and fissures where they can last almost 20 months.

Tarantulas may be the most feared insects because they are creepy in appearance and in addition their bite can cause death, feed basically on insects such as grasshoppers and cockroaches and have a predilection for rodents, change exoskeleton every 6 months and can live 30 years.

Curiosities and things you didn’t know about insects
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July 31, 2019

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