Death of singer and actor Antonio Morales ‘Junior’, Rocio Durcal widower, 70 years

English - April 15, 2014

20minutes / AGENCIES

  • Rocio Durcal widower has been found dead at his home in Torrelodones (Madrid).
  • Early reports suggest that is deceased natural causes.
  • The singer dead body could take 12 to 14 hours when it was discovered.

Antonio Morales , better known by all as Junior , has died at age 70.

His lifeless body was found Tuesday at his home in Torrelodones (Madrid), as reported by sources of the Civil Guard.

He was a gardener, personal service of the singer, who found him on your bed, no signs of violence.

The gardener had to force the because door was latched and has found the widower of the singer Rocio Durcal also no signs of violence.

Nor in the house, located in the street of the suburb named after his wife.

Researchers have not observed any signs to suggest that the death of Morales has been violent.

Were the health center doctors who have certified the death of the former singer of the band The Brincos, while waiting for the judge to authorize the removal of the body.

Services musician moved to emergency medical health center of the village, which has confirmed the death natural causes.

The body was found by they your daughter about 12.15 in your home town of Torrelodones (Madrid), when went to the house after his father did not answer his calls.

Singer dead body could take 12 to 14 hours when it was discovered.

For the moment causes of death are unknown, but Junior suffered a deep depression since losing his Marieta , a depression that made him much worsen.

The widower of Rocio Durcal and father of Carmen Morales , Antonio Morales and Shaila Durcal , born in Manila, Philippines on September 10, 1943 during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines and was the son of a Spanish father and a Filipino mother. He married rancheras singer Rocio Durcal, in 1970 until widowed in 2006.