Guide to the chalice dungeon Bloodborne

Guide to the chalice dungeon Bloodborne

The chalice dungeons are the main novelty of Bloodborne regarding other titles From Software. We explain step by step what it takes to enjoy and learn why hide anything.

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One of the main innovations of Bloodborne with respect to saga Souls is the dungeon chalice, an added thought to extend the life of the game. These dungeons are randomly generated areas to face different enemies, bosses and finding new items and variants of our arms

The goal in these dungeons will be very simple in concept. Complete levels, cleaning zones enemies and bosses ending prior activation of very well hidden levers. Access to the dungeons of the cup is unlocked by ending Sedianta Blood Beast, one of the optional bosses of the game and get the cup of Pthumeru. But like everything in Bloodborne and games From Software, dungeons calyx have more depth than than meets the eye. To clarify concepts and answer questions reach our guide.

Starting with the basics

Where chalices are achieved?

The three major calyces get ending with optional bosses throughout history. The of Pthumeru get to end the bloodthirsty beast, the Chalice of the afflicted Loran after the confrontation with Amygdala and finally, we have to beat ebrietas, the daughter of the cosmos, for the Great Chalice Isz.

Once achieved this, get its variants within the dungeons initials of each cup. So, we will progress through the various dungeons and, if we investigate every corner, find the necessary chalices to unlock the following dungeons. Here have a schema (in English) that specifies the order to continue to get all the chalices available.

Getting Started

The Dream Chaser find six gravestones whose usefulness is none other than to serve as portals where elaborate rituals that give access to the various dungeons. For that we need the corresponding cup to each zone, in addition to the materials for Ritua l, to find during the main story in store messengers and store lucidity. For higher level chalice we have to resort to explore other dungeons to find the necessary materials.

Once created Dungeon chalice, can make it public or private. If we choose the latter, only players with the glyph of the dungeon (an alphanumeric code that serves as seed of it) can access it.

In addition, once we created a dungeon of a certain type (the Central Phtumeru, for example) from these tombstones can join other such generated by users, saving us use the materials needed.

What are the differences between normal dungeons and root?

normal are those identical in architecture and enemies, for all players. Its main value is to contain the chalices and materials necessary to generate the following dungeons.

The following randomly generated dungeons are those and differentiated from each other in which we find variants of our weapons, powerful gems and more interesting objects for our character.

What determines the depth?

Each dungeon has an associated depth level, ranging from 1 to 5. These levels, far from the floors find, set the difficulty of the dungeon in question: The higher you are, the enemies find and more difficulty they present. The scale could be established between depth and player level required is as follows:

  • Depth 1: Level 25
  • Deep 2: Level 40
  • Deep 3: Level 60
  • Depth 4: Level 80
  • Depth 5: Level 100

Obviously, this are rough estimates and do not want say someone with a lower level than that stipulated can not complete that level dungeon. What is clear is that dungeon level 4 and 5 are the most complex challenges that we will face in Bloodborne.

In company better

Once inside the dungeon, the system is identical to that already explained in our guide to playing online. Yes, we must ensure that more people playing in a dungeon identical to ours, either by sending a glyph created by us to friends and / or other players or by joining an open dungeon through the altar.

Cooperation with friends can become almost essential if we are to succeed in the deepest dungeons chalice

So, we must use within bell summoning if we are the one who seeks help or the resonant small bell if we provide it. Yes, again, timeouts are heavier than they should.

Keep in mind that if we are the invoked to help and we die, we will not lose our blood echoes. If we want to cooperate in that dungeon, we will have to use the small resonant bell while the host will not have to do the same.

The same will happen after beating each final boss of each dungeon: we have to make the invocation / be invoked three times, at least along each chalice dungeon . Obviously, is again highly recommended using passwords if we play with friends.

The offerings, harder still

The various offerings are used to add an added difficulty dungeons visit

  • Offering rank. The enemies in dungeons will do much more damage
  • Offering <. strong> rotten: find new and different creatures and a greater number of traps.
  • Offering damn: Our life will be halved but, in return, we can get cursed gems, being the most powerful Bloodborne
  • . Offering sinister: Increases the chance of being invaded during the course Dungeon chalice. Furthermore, the quantity and quality of the gems that get increases.

Juicy Rewards

One of the main reasons to play the dungeons of the chalice, besides many leaders face not seen in the main way is to get items and equipment impossible to obtain in the course of history.

In the following dungeons can get variants weapons that we all know. Lost and mysterious of all versions, whose value lies in their holes for modified gems and can get most satisfying combinations.

Speaking of gems, these are another point interest dungeon, can get the most powerful of the game to complete the dungeon higher level. In dungeons Phtumeru radial find gems, dwindling Loran found in dungeons and, finally, the triangular predominate in the dungeon of Isz.

Also, after defeat certain bosses of these dungeons, new equipment may be acquired in exchange for clarity marketers Dream Hunter.

Other points to consider

first altar found in the Dream Chaser is called makeshift altar and works as a matchmaking . To activate’ll have to find the makeshift dungeon Chalice lower Trastumba. This is the order that we must follow in order to get that cup: Phtumeru -> Phtumeru Central -> Trastumba -> lower Trastumba. Your choices are:

  • Quick search and access to dungeons calyx available
  • Quick Search convening a bell to begin cooperative action..
  • Quick search of a sinister resonant bell to start the PVP

New Game + does not influence levels dungeon calyx. That is, although we are in NG +, dungeons deep 1 shall remain extremely simple.

Finally, once the dungeon generated, it can be left open and accessible at any time from the altar accordingly. N or no need to supplement them from start to finish in one sitting.


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