How to activate the facial recognition Google Photos on Android

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for more than two years, the european users of Google Photos we are still waiting for it to arrive officially one of its main features: the face recognition. This functionality is in breach of currently the privacy policy of the European Union, and will breach during more time, because no changes are expected in the short or medium term.

this facial recognition Google Photos is not officially available in Europe does not mean that is not what we can use. There is a simple trick that allows us to enable facial recognition to be able to group your photos by faces. The trick is the following:

Use a VPN to activate the facial recognition Google Photos

The app from Google Photos does not allow us to activate the facial recognition because it detects that we are in Spain or another country of the European Union. To bypass this restriction is as simple as tricking our device to make believe the application that we are connecting from the united States.


To do this we have to connect our device to a VPN (virtual private network) hosted in Usa, and the fastest and easiest way is using the application TunnelBear VPN. Once you have installed this application we select united States and click connect.


once connected to the VPN, open the application of Google Photos. We go to settings and we’ll see as we activate the new function Agripar faces similar. At that point we can disconnect the VPN and to uninstall TunnelBear VPN. From that time will always be available the facial recognition Google Photos. There will be more to do this trick.


after a few hours when using the Google search engine Photos you’ll see as you now appear as thumbnails with the faces of your family and friends lists to be able to name them to identify them. By clicking on a person’s face you’ll see all of your photos grouped.

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Movie Concepts


Another feature that will be activated with the facial recognition are the Movie Concepts function to create a Movie. Are a template themes that will help you to create videos on a date or special event selected the faces of the participants.

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How to activate the facial recognition Google Photos on Android
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