IPhone prices in Mexico

IPhone prices in Mexico

it’s here, already he arrived. The website Mexico Apple has finally updated the iPhone prices in SE Mexico. The new terminal of “low cost”, taking into account what it means Apple by “low cost” has these prices for its four finishes (silver, space gray, gold, pink gold).

  • iPhone SE 16 GB: 8,999 pesos
  • iPhone SE 64 GB: 11.199 pesos

prices are in line with expectations. For the 16GB model, involves 509 US dollars to change, which is not much more than about $ 480 it costs on average US iPhone with added taxes (by state). Jumping 64GB model itself is somewhat higher as equals $ 633. In any case, are dollar-peso changes significantly better than half a year ago, when Apple announced the prices iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in Mexico.

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