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English - April 11, 2016

Nostalgia is a feeling very Sunday, it arrives as we are already feeling nostalgia for the weekend to be. ! Why Tele Go dedicate this day to remember our television memories; some hidden in some hidden place in our memory. We are not even aware that they are there, because we’re never think of them.

But just a song to revive them. Yes, many may not know who is ‘The Ferdy Ant’ Had you because not even born creatures. But the Crystal Ball for us-Generation -will canturreábamos every Saturday, after the newscast, this melody …

A character almost centenary

“Ferdy is brave, Ferdy, intelligent, has great value, (Ferdy is valienteee)

This is the dearest, Ferdy, for his friends, he is the best (mejooooor) “

the damage is done: ye can you not remove the head in a week. Many of you will have discovered that you knew you the word for word. But your memory of the “sympathetic” character will change, I assure you. Which you know nothing of you you might be imagining Ferdy the typical white and sappy series. The story of insects that are friends, live on the forest and help each other. Basically that would be the storyline.

But Ferdy was much more subversive than that, as you will see. Before you go over the history of the character, who was not born as animated series, but as protagonist of a cartoon in a Czech magazine in 1927. is called Ferda and his stories were adults. In 1933, with war as the protagonist of his graphic metaphors, Ferda happened to be published in a newspaper. In 1936 its creator, illustrator Ondřej Sekora, adapted it to children in a series of books.

And then came fame: movie with puppets, stories told to Gramophone … And almost 60 years, his own show television or musical performance at the Prague State Opera. It was the Germans and not the Czechs who in 1984 adapted the character to children’s series of 26 chapters and named Ferdinand ( ‘Die grosse Abenteuer des kleinen Ferdinand’). In Spain came as’ The Ferdy Ant ‘five years later to replace a mythical ‘ Isidoro ‘. Of course, TVE, because apart from some regional, there was something else.? First 1 and, in 1990, in La2

What was Ferdy

Ferdy is a male ant, “cheerful and helpful.” He lives in the forest, along with other insects neatly organized in a micro that had even its own police. Its average middle ladybug dog Bugsy, his best friend, the beetle Flounder, his horse-grasshopper or spider Arámbula were other of the protagonists. Ferdy and the rest, or at least that was the intention to turn it into girlish typical series taught us good values: respect, friendship, solidarity …

But should add some nuances to this argument. Yes, it was the story of bugs and their daily lives in the forest. Yes, it is transmitting good values. But he also had a side Thug Life never understood when I was little; times when Ferdy pimp put True helping their friends and with their service appliance repair., who, against all what economics has taught us about supply and demand was successful, providing a service to this small society (because he was never seen paid for it).

So far so well. But when survival was at stake, or sometimes much less, Ferdy resorted to unorthodox methods. That is why it is so ironic that the ABC recogiera so the news of his release: “This type of drawings seems to respond to the wishes of the Parliamentary Control Commission of RTVE, which was in favor of avoiding violent and unsupportive messages in children’s programs” . judge for yourself. This is what makes Ferdy with tipejos as Oscar, the snail, who snore too loud.

I have an idea: metámosle this bomb shell to run out and get out of here

good ‘Spongebob’, for far less than this le They accused of terrorism exaltation. Imagine if those who chivaron Bob saw this scene or the use and abuse of snuff, alcohol and benzodiazepine (several sedatives) of the Arámbula spider (all by snoring).

the kit Arámbula spider

However, Ferdy and his friends were the bad guys. The bad were the dragonflies. Which, incidentally, also worked as airplanes (Dragonflies Lines Aeras) that connected the airport with different parts of this microworld. Nor they were the only threat: I repeat, it was not some little friends living in peace and harmony; sometimes they wanted to eat each other, of course. “We all get our time” , recognized in an episode. Surrounded by larger enemies that you and other insects, that can be at any time.

Luckily occasionally Ferdy launched a pacifist message as “can not allow choking” after entangle the wings of a dragonfly and throw a pond. But when it came to survive, Ferdy not always showed mercy: down to his nemesis, anteater, tying his tongue to a trunk (yes, apparently so entangle was his personal brand).

Although we sell it as a cheerful character living thousand adventures also had many moments depressants. Ferdy was in love with Gwendolyn, a ladybug blonde, selfish and conceited that he constantly humiliated making it clear he was out of his league as he went the extra mile for her. And he assumed with resignation, as a duty: “The things one has to do to please a lady” .

A level of artistic quality is not very different from other designs of the time. By thematic and “scenarios”, it is easy to relate with others like ‘Maya the Bee’ or ‘The Littl’ Bits’. Yes, the dubbing is pretty miserable and most of the time not even move their mouths when they speak. Blessed innocence ours, we looked all right.

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