Make your desktop more clean and attractive with these minimalist widgets for Android

Make your desktop more clean and attractive with these minimalist widgets for Android

Less is always more.

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Widgets are a key element in the customizing praised Android. They allow us to interact with applications more quickly and simultaneously give a unique aesthetic touch to each of our devices. This has generated great cult of ongoing changes in home screens and implementation of various styles. Styles like minimalism, which is to simplify everything to the maximum in order to achieve greater ease of use and perfect aesthetics. Because, as always tend to say, “more is not always better.”

If you want to get into that style or looking to the next level, one of the first steps you should take is to replace all your widgets. And for that, nothing better than starting with some of these minimalist Android widgets.

  • Eye in the Sky. This application actually is not a simple widget. It is a well known and praised in the climatic scene Android application. Minimalism stands for the general application and, especially, its widgets, which are very attractive and simple. Perfect for current time without altering the minimalism.

  • Amber Weather. similar to Eye in the Sky case. This is an application designed to meet the weather. The difference is that Amber Weather does more emphasis on widgets, which are minimal and highly configurable both in aesthetics and information

  • Minimal Clock. A love for minimalism looking at their desks. This widget shows a very peculiar time, date and the remaining battery power of the device. It is really simple; So you end up falling in love with him (like me).

  • Clock Now. If you like the look of Google Now cards (and, in part, on Material Design), Clock Now be a must on your desktop. It is one of the minimalist Android widgets have lasted longest in my home screens. And it offers a variety of information with a simple, clear interface and obviously minimal.

  • Minimalistic Text. Minimalism is bring everything to the initial essence, the pure and basic concept. Minimalistic Text is a minimalist Android widgets that best achieve that goal. Displays specific information only with text (battery, weather, time …), giving a really simple to our home screens touch

  • Zooper Widget. Zooper Widget is one of the most comprehensive widgets generators that can be found in Google Play Store. Displays various information and distribute them the way we please in this case simply to reach minimalism –

  • Beautiful. A classic among classics. He takes on Android almost since its inception, and has been renewed as the years have passed. It provides access to various information (weather, time, battery, etc.) and has many themes created by the community. If you are looking minimalism, perhaps combining Beautiful Widgets with a simple subject can be winning


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