No Man’s Sky does not erase the discoveries of players

English - August 29, 2016

Progress is loaded to a central server to preserve the flow of the game.
Generation world of no Man’s Sky gives a little scare to players. Apparently, when players move away from areas that have been discovered, this part of the mapping is downloaded and disappear names the players have given planets and creatures.

This technique allows the game Hello Games ensure that the game’s performance will always be fluid .
been a player who he has published in Reddit experience. Returning to the point of beginning his departure, he discovered that all names were missing . He soon realized their mistake: they were not connected to servers No Man’s Sky . When reconnecting, everything returned to normal .

contrary to what happens in Minecraft no Man’s Sky not a persistent universe is maintained, but downloaded remote areas. Everyone shares the same universe (the same seed or “seed” of a map of Minecraft , to follow the example). What is done to preserve the progress of each player, is that their findings are loaded on a central server , and then return to the shared world.
This explains why community thought in No Man’s Sky Man’s Sky different progress who had managed after day is erased.
No Man’s Sky is already for sale in PS4 and PC . The title offers us a whole universe to explore in which we have to survive, trade or fight between planets, galaxies and satellites