Plants vs. Zombies 2 now available for Android in China [APK in Chinese]

English - September 12, 2013

Finally it seems that the new edition of Plants Vs. Zombies comes to Android, although the half done, is that PopCap , makers of the game has announced on his blog that Plants vs. Zombies 2 is now available for Android but only in China. You have to remember that it gave favorable treatment to iOS for the presentation of the game and now with this strange announcement, leaving out the vast majority of Android users, at least for now.

In principle there is no apparent reason to give exclusivity to China, may be testing how the game must be adapted to Android because they claim they are ” one step closer to completing it. ” Another reason for this release by region may be to ease the load on their servers and not saturate the avalanche of users, because we must remember that the game is freemium format, ie download is free but will have in-app purchases.

Still, this is hopeless because if you enjoy it and this new version of Plants Vs. Zombie, you can. Just download the APK file of the game from the Chinese portal Baidu and install it on your device, yes, unless you have perfect Chinese level will not understand a word but the method for playing the same can walk you through the interface.

APK weighs about 50 megs and although it’s not supposed to happen at all unusual, the install will ask permissions to access the network, billed to your account to play, read the status of the phone and send SMS, all this is normal in games with in-app payments, but still remember that it is not an official source of Google and you need to take care.

Link to Baidu game

left”> According to PopCap, Plants vs. . Zombies 2 will be available for everyone from Google Play in autumn, but in the meantime we can go kill the desire (and zombies) with this version for the Chinese market.

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