Sony Music Unlimited: Tried the new integration with Walkman as an alternative to Spotify

Sony Music Unlimited: Tried the new integration with Walkman as an alternative to Spotify

During the IFA in Berlin Sony had some new accounts. Perhaps all we focus more on the Xperia Z1, its 20.7 megapixel camera or mobile external objectives QX, but behind the scenes there were more things that we pay less details.

One is an interesting novelty Music Unlimited, the streaming music service from Sony. From Xperia Z1 this tool is integrated with implementation Walkman Sony, and this terminal opens a new way to work together between the application and the streaming service, but that will gradually coming as an upgrade to other smartphones from the Japanese company.

We have to clarify that Sony Music Unlimited is a new service, the novelty is that the Xperia Z1 now and soon with other mobile Sony Walkman integrates with rather than two different applications. Thus the music we have stored locally and which are streaming access on the same site, making it much easier to use and greatly simplifying things. Music Unlimited is a streaming music service, and with this new integration stands up with better conditions than before Spotify, the most popular of this type of music services.

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With this new integration we have exploited to test the service and tell you how it works, what this is and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

The application is very similar to the previous Walkman, and as we told you what they really do now is to integrate Music Unlimited, so if you have a subscription to and paid the € 9.99 it costs per month you can access the entire catalog offered by Sony. This difference we see when doing a search because if you enter the name of a music group appear all available disks, not just those who have stored in the mobile. This is the real part of integration with Music Unlimited and everything is focused on the top search button which is presented in the application.

Walkman’s cover gives access to different sections application: Interpreters, songs, albums, canals, friends music, playlists, and devices connected to our network through DLNA.

Just have to explain each of these sections, but there are some details to clarify. With this integration Music Unlimited now have access to the channels section, which find stations dedicated to artists, music genres and moods in which we listen to and discover new music if we want listen to a particular artist or group. We can also create our own station from an artist or song, and indicate what sound songs that we like and what not for the system to learn from us and better.

Another interesting feature worth mentioning is that of Throw, a tool that allows send the music we listen to a DLNA compatible device as a television or music player, your mobile phone acting as a media server. Very useful for example for a party where you want music sound from the speakers but we can control from your smartphone.

Of course we have access to download music for offline listening if we want have disks or playlists on the phone without consuming when we only have 3G data. In Walkman can only download offline playlists, not albums specifically, so if you want a disc have to create a playlist with this and then download it. I mean, this works just like on Spotify, and is one of the things I like a lot of Google Play Music, which does allow download a disk without creating a playlist before. But the important thing is that we do have access to previously downloaded offline music.

Overall the app works very well, is attractive and has given us the impression that all streaming music services is Music Unlimited which offers higher audio quality. The problem? That catalog is limited to Sony Music, and although it is incredibly extensive, there are artists who do not find. The good part is that Sony’s artists that are not on other services like Spotify but here.

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