The Influence of Technology on Studying Process

Technology has an enormous reach and effect on almost every aspect of people’s lives today. In terms of education, experts have different views and opinions as to what the influence of technologyin education truly is. Is it a distraction for the student or an amazing tool to help their studying process? This is not one of the impromptu questions that can be answered with a simple question. The truth is – technology is a bit of both.

Regardless of the side you take in this debate, information technologyundoubtedly has a huge impact on student learning. If the members of the study process, educators and learners, harness the power of technology, this could do great things for the success of education. Process studyhelped with technology is known to do marvellous things, such as boost innovation, encourage collaboration and engagement, and enhance the learning process. Here are a couple of things that technology has made possible for a learner.

1.   Wider Access to Resources

Something as simple as an internet connection gives us all the information we need at our fingertips at any time. Internet is available almost everywhere nowadays, allowing learners to find things they never could have gotten their hands on in the past. This includes various educational apps and courses, unlimited research materials, and quality open resources. With so much information at their disposal, all that’s needed is a guide on how to find the most credible resources and directions on how to properly use them.

The Influence of Technology on Studying Process

2.   Assistance with Studying/ Learning

Studying takes a lot of time and presents a huge burden to modern students. Technology can help a lot with this. There are apps and programs, as well as guides, that allow students to take notes faster, organize them, categorize them, make study cards, etc. There are even sites and groups that help students answer questions, get tutoring, and even writing help. For example, when a student struggles with an assignment, he can simply get perfect gun control essay from a trustworthy essay service. If a student chose to study music,he can practice and test his skills with the help of others, or with an online tutor.

3.   Boost in Student Engagement

Technology-assisted education can make studying more collaborative and fun. Many researchers have proved that, if used properly, technology can make students more willing and more engaged with the material taught in class. Rather than using the traditional, plain methods for memorizing facts or practicing tenses, students can learn by games and various techniques helped by technology.

With the invention of virtual technology, this is made even simpler nowadays. Students can do experiments in a harmless way in a virtual lab, take a trip to an educational destination, solve animated math challenges, etc.

The Influence of Technology on Studying Process


Some see technology as a gift, while others see it as a threat to education. The bottom line is, technology can be a devastating or an amazing tool depending on how it’s used in education. If its powers are leveraged properly, education can boost the learning experience like no other tool ever could.

Author’s Bio: Elizabeth Skinner is a psychology professor at a prestigious university in the United States. She constantly publishes research on topic related to student learning and behavior. Right now, Skinner’s main focus is placed on technology and its influence on education.

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