This is what the devil said to the most famous exorcist in the world: Gabriele Amorth

English - February 24, 2023
Image 1. This is what the devil said to the most famous exorcist in the world: Gabriele Amorth

The most controversial character in spirituality is the devil. He is present in almost all religious doctrines in the world. Also, he has received different names but the most famous are: the prince of darkness, the fallen angel, the tempter, the devil, the devil, Satan, among others. Throughout history he has been considered as the maximum representation of evil, capable of the worst misfortunes and of possessing people’s bodies.

For this reason there are in the Christian doctrine, the famous exorcists, who are people trained to expel these demons commanded by the evil one and that torment humans. The most legendary of all was the Italian priest Gabriele Amorth, who had several encounters with Satan himself. Below we present: the most shocking things the devil said to the exorcist Gabriele Amorth. Let’s see.

It is necessary to clarify that this documentary has nothing to do with any religion, even though the very concrete case of a Catholic priest is exposed. The events surrounding this case are truly astonishing.

Father Amorth was the official exorcist of the Vatican for decades.  He became popular for giving lectures on the subject on radio and television. He also wrote several books. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 91. Throughout his life, he performed more than 70,000 exorcisms; he left a great contribution to humanity, thanks to his knowledge and experience in the field of fighting the evil one and dark entities.

Amorth said that Satan is always active and works hard to tempt people. Finally, it is man who decides by free will, but there is also an extraordinary action of the evil one: “diabolical possession”, which is the most nefarious act that a human being can experience.

On one occasion, a journalist asked Father Amorth: what sense does it make to listen to everything the devil says, if he was the father of lies? The priest pointed out:

“The Lord sometimes imposes that he tells the truth, to show that Satan was defeated by Christ and that he is obliged to obey the disciples who act in the name of Christ”.

Amorth asked the devil several times why he was afraid of John Paul II, since he had realized that invoking him was really effective during exorcisms. The devil replied in a very shocking way the following: “because he disarmed my plans”; the devil was referring to the important role John Paul II played in the dissolution of Soviet communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. He also said that it infuriated him because it had taken many young people away from him. John Paul II’s work with young people was one of the best among all the pontiffs.

The devil also said he feared Padre Pio, known as St. Pio of Pietrelcina. During exorcisms, the possessed person was able to see the presence of the priest, who was beatified in 1999 and canonized in 2002 by Pope John Paul II.

The exorcist Amorth also asked the evil one the following question: “But why do you get more scared when I invoke Our Lady than when I invoke Jesus Christ? He answered: “because I am more humiliated to be defeated by a human creature than to be defeated by Him”.

 What are the virtues of Our Lady that anger you the most? Satan answered:

“She angers me because she is the most humble of all creatures and because I am the proudest. Because she is the purest of all creatures and I am not. Because she is the most obedient to God and I am the most rebellious.”

Why in spite of your superior intelligence did you prefer to descend into hell? He answered:

“I rebelled against God and showed that I am stronger than He.” For the Evil One, rebellion is a sign of victory and superiority.

On one occasion Satan told Father Amorth, through the possessed person, the following:

“every Hail Mary of the rosary is for me a blow in the face. If Christians knew the power of the rosary, it would be the end of me”.

He also asked the devil if Our Lady of Nazareth had ever been under his power, to which the devil replied as follows:

“She was never under my power, not even from the first instant of her life, for she was conceived full of grace and all of God.”

The most famous exorcist in the world

Gabriel Amorth was an Italian Catholic priest and the world’s most famous exorcist. He was born on May 1, 1925 in the city of Modena, Italy, and died on September 16, 2016 in Rome, Italy. He was ordained a priest in 1954 and during his lifetime became the chief exorcist of the diocese of Rome.

Amorth became a world-renowned exorcist thanks to his expertise and knowledge in the field of demonology. He performed thousands of exorcisms throughout his career, and also wrote several books on the subject, including “An Exorcist Tells His Story” and “An Exorcist: More Stories.” In his writings, Amorth discussed how to distinguish between demonic possession and mental illness, and the importance of prayer and faith in the exorcism process.

In addition to his work as an exorcist, Amorth was also the founder of the International Association of Exorcists in 1990, which was recognized by the Vatican in 2014. The association is dedicated to the training of priests in the field of demonology and exorcism, and aims to help priests deal with cases of demonic possession effectively and safely.

Amorth also became a staunch critic of occultism, magic and other esoteric practices. In an interview, he stated that these practices are doorways that can allow demons to enter people’s lives and cause harm. He also criticized the tendency of some priests to minimize or ignore the existence of the devil and demonic possession, saying this is a dangerous mistake that can lead to greater suffering for those affected.

Gabriel Amorth became the chief exorcist of the diocese of Rome in 1986, following the death of the famous Italian exorcist, Father Candido Amantini. Throughout his career, he performed exorcisms in countries around the world, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United States and Mexico, among others. He also participated in several documentaries and television programs in which he spoke about his work and the reality of demonic possession.

Amorth was known for his practical and direct approach to exorcism, and for his strong belief in the importance of prayer and faith in the process of deliverance of possessed people. In his writings, he often emphasized the need for proper and ongoing training for priests engaged in exorcism, and pointed out that demonic possession is a real phenomenon that requires a serious and careful approach.

In addition to his work as an exorcist, Amorth was also a frequent critic of what he considered dangerous practices, including astrology, Ouija, and tarot card reading. In an interview, he noted that these practices can open the door to demonic influence and encourage people to engage with dangerous supernatural forces.

Gabriel Amorth passed away at the age of 91 in Rome, Italy, in September 2016. His legacy has left a lasting mark on the world of exorcism and demonology, and his work continues to be studied and applied by those dedicated to helping people suffering from demonic possession and combating evil in the world.

Amorth was convinced that evil in the world is on the rise, and that this is largely due to the growing influence of atheism and secularization in society. In an interview, he stated that the absence of God in people’s lives allows evil to infiltrate their lives, and that the only way to combat it is to turn to God and seek his help and protection.

The figure of Gabriel Amorth has generated both admiration and controversy in the Catholic world and in society in general. His critics argue that his focus on demonic possession and demonology can be exaggerated and can lead to an unfair stigmatization of people suffering from mental or emotional illness.

However, his supporters point out that his work as an exorcist has helped many people find the deliverance and spiritual healing they needed, and that his legacy continues to be a source of inspiration and guidance for those engaged in the fight against evil in all its forms.

Levitation in the midst of an exorcism

It is said that in one of the most notable cases of his career, Gabriel Amorth witnessed an episode of levitation during an exorcism he was performing. The exorcism was performed on a woman who was possessed by several demons, and according to reports, one of the demons began to show signs of great power and resistance.

During the exorcism, the woman began to levitate off the floor, hovering several inches above the bed. Amorth and his assistants continued the exorcism, praying and blessing the room as the woman hovered in the air.

Finally, after an intense confrontation with the demons, the woman fell back on the bed, freed from demonic possession. Amorth commented after the exorcism that the levitation was one of the most remarkable phenomena he had witnessed in his career as an exorcist.

It is important to note that reports of levitation in exorcisms are extremely rare and controversial. Many scientists and critics argue that these episodes can be explained by natural means, such as suggestion, mass hysteria or gravity manipulation. However, for those who believe in demonic possession and divine intervention, levitation is a phenomenon that can be seen as a sign of the struggle between good and evil in the spirit world.