Trailer for ‘cold skin’: horror, sea monsters, and an Aura Garrido unrecognizable

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Since estrenase in 2011, the spot —although, to my taste, successful thanks to its bet extreme— ‘The Divide’, little have we known of Xavier Gens, once a champion of the Nouvelle Horreur Vague with his delicious wild ‘Frontiere(s)’, beyond its participation in the anthology ‘The ABC’s of Death’ and the series ‘Crossing Lines’.

Six years later, the filmmaker galo returns to the feature film twice. First with his film possessions ‘The Crucifixion’ and, in the second place, with ‘cold skin’: the ambitious co-production franco-Spanish fits the best-seller and namesake of Albert Sánchez Piñol, and of which we have just received the juicy trailer that you can see below.

Under a bill with a pint impeccable, ‘Cold skin’ brings together David Oakes —’The Borgia’—, Ray Stevenson‘Thor’— and an unrecognizable Aura Garrido, disguised under multiple layers of latex and makeup that characterize it as the sea creature Aneris. We will be able to enjoy the new film of Gens, the next October 20, although some lucky ones will have the opportunity to view the article in the context of the imminent Festival of Sitges. For the moment, we leave you with the synopsis and official poster of the film.

on an island lost In the middle of the ocean, two men are defending themselves, night after night, from the onslaught of strange sea creatures. Subjected to the extreme stress, without understanding the reasons for the attack, will have to rethink how to deal with the unknown. The captivity and the relentless struggle for life is dragged into a journey to the center of her gut, where they mix clarity and alienation, rejection and desire, cruelty and love, into the unknown.


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Trailer for ‘cold skin’: horror, sea monsters, and an Aura Garrido unrecognizable
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September 13, 2017

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