The cast of ‘Modern Family’ parody six legendary series, the image of the week

As we told you a few days ago, the magazine The Hollywood Reporter consulted experts in the Mecca of film and TV -guionistas, producers, actors and so on which were for them las 100 best series in history forever. Precisely ‘Modern Family’ had to boast about. According to the most “know” this occupies a respectable fourteenth fourteenth place. Something I could win this Sunday his sixth Emmy for best comedy . So, they wanted to pay tribute to six favorite from the list and apoyar candidacy.

In some cases it was a breeze. Long before joining ‘Modern Family’, Ed O’Neil he had another family almost as rare as the mezcladillo Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker. He had easy again be Al Bundy on “Married with Children ‘but Sofia Vergara has spared no resources (and paint) to match the quirky Peggy. The Eric Stonestreet (Cam) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) becoming the smug parodying ‘Breaking Bad’ if it catches us by surprise more .


And what of ‘Cheers’, seeing the results, I had to go . We never stopped to think that indeed Rico Rodriguez (Manny) and George Wendt ( “Nooooooorm! “Norman “) share hairstyle or that Mitchell needed only a blue jumpsuit to be nailed to the postman and that FOX will burrow right between the trunks of attrezo to find Julie Bowen (Claire) that look so 80’s: not only parodies , they have blended into the characters. In addition, there were sentimental reasons: the co-creator Christopher Lloyd was a producer on ‘Frasier’ and her father, writer ‘Cheers’

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The cast of ‘Modern Family’ parody six legendary series, the image of the week

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