6 channels of YouTube for curious people

English - March 25, 2016

to get hooked for hours on YouTube.

not everything would be food channels or channels on YouTube mood. Today it is the turn of channels in which raw desire to satiate the curious appetite who enjoys explanations to aspects of everyday life, of what happens in the world, or what actually happens within our own home.

Tell me why

a YouTube channel in which basically dedicated to explain the whys and hows of the world in which we live, both day to day and more transcendental aspects They are touching even astronomy. Tell me why.

The Curious Engineer

channel of an engineer who is counting on YouTube explanations very simple and straightforward, technical aspects of computer and Internet, but sometimes the issue goes far beyond. The Curious Engineer.


undoubtedly, the channel most popular of this list. Though it began as a channel to talk about video games and entertainment pages, it has finished hosting curiosities of all kinds explained simply and directly, transcending curiosity to embrace the general culture of the hand of Michael Stevens, creator and presenter. Knowledge pills daily. Vsauce.

Big Think

A YouTube channel that mixes the funny with the most intellectual form: politics, business, the environment, etc. interviews with respected scholars in various fields with videos where certain concepts or situations are explained mix. He was born with the idea of ​​becoming a source of authority for college students as well as to meet the cultural appetite of twentysomethings. Think Big.

TestTube News

The political and geostrategic today countries around the world, so tematizada regularly explained. Why it is in a very bad state water infrastructure in the United States, what role does France on the border of UK, how powerful is the vote of blacks or why Brazil hates his president are examples of topics it deals with. TestTube News.


The place where they are answers to many, many, everyday questions about science. Mixed with other topical content that never expire, and they do vlog format the hand of his host Hank Green. Your videos, simply hook. SciShow.