The true story of Tom the cat

The true story of Tom the cat

Talking Tom Cat is the well-known application of the talking cat that repeats everything we say, except in a particular tone that is attractive and captivating for both children and adults.

The application was created by Outif7, a British company founded by Samo Login in 2010, the same year in which it launched the Talkin Tom Cat application, with such success that in just 19 months it had already counted 300 million downloads in more than 230 countries around the world,including countries such as the Vatican City or Korea.

Talking Tom Cat’s success would be joined by Talking Angela, Talking Ginger and Talkin Ben, among more than 10 other Outfit7 applications. However, soon after, rumors began to grow about the origin of this cat, and it was Talking Angela who was especially suspected.

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It seems that behind the application there was a network of paedophiles who watched the children through the front camera of the phones. Several articles and videos emerged at the point where mass hysteria broke out and several people went so far as to report the disappearance of children or the suspicious collection of data such as the children’s age or address.

However, after investigation it was determined that a website was the cause of the whole mess and that it had published an article, according to the website owners, with a hint of mischief. The point is that this publication was replicated to the point that it became viralized and became widely known.

Also, many crepypastries were made, that is, fictional stories where macabre stories are told; but in reality everything was a scam and neither in Tom’s nor Angela’s eyes could be seen the face of the person behind the application,as the sensationalist versions claimed.

Today what started as Talking Tom Cat has grown to over 14 applications so that the set has received the Talking Tom and Friends man, which is available for Android, Iphone and Windows Phone.

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