Detexify, to find how to spell certain symbol in LaTeX

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Detexify is an online tool that displays code hints in LaTeX under-doodle-sketch you draw on your left side. The idea is simple: do not know how to spell the Kronecker product, the sum, the symbol of the integral, some Greek letter, an arrow or other symbol thought (Batman’s bat, a world, a zodiac sign, the taijitu, a emoticon, etc.), so I draw and Detexify will show the command in LaTeX to use.

In addition to the suggested commands to be presented in order of similarity to the drawing input, show the libraries that each command may require for printing. It also has a search mode alternative tab symbols which can be filtered by keywords, commands or packages and even search the complete gallery and help the tool to be smarter.

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Although writing in LaTeX is fairly easy, the characteristic of language is that it is often necessary to use extra resources and documentation tasks such as creating tables with special formats, learn to do graphics, handle special alignments and even one of the simplest requirements: find the code for a particular symbol. Publishers like Texmaker have a symbol library in its side to fill this need but sometimes not enough or the search is not as easy to find what you really have in mind. For the latest, in order to print to screen what you have in mind, is what has created Detexify.

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