Essay about Morality

The definition of morality can be embraced from different perspectives, since its scope implies from the meaning, through the philosophy to a more religious posture. In broad terms, from the philosophical point of view, it is about that set of beliefs and values that dictate norms and customs that guide the act of the people towards the good. This is the set of beliefs that make it possible to distinguish between good and evil when performing a certain act. The branch of philosophy that studies morality is ‘ ethics ‘.

The morale of religion

From a religious perspective, the attempt is made that the faithful do not think of morality as the prohibitions imposed by God, but rather to live and develop our lives in the love of God and neighbor. In order to better understand the above, the 10 Commandments are presented as a guide, as they indicate what authentic love is: to desire and to do good to others and to himself.

On the other hand, morality, when referring to the person, makes it imperative to consider human dignity. In this way, morality would be the way of being and of living respecting and promoting the dignity of man at all times.

From another point of view, less linked to faith, morality continues to be something quite similar, constituting itself as that consciousness of freedom of the human being, through which his acts are judged as good or bad. In general terms, morality is constituted as that set of values expected in every person, in which they include respect for human dignity and the equality of people, around their gender and before the law.

All religions and beliefs develop particular but similar modes of seeing and carrying out morality, however, in all cases, there are 3 fundamental elements of morality: The chosen object, the objective pursued and the context in which Develops. Although the circumstances do not change in essence the kindness or wickedness of a certain act, what if they succeed is to increase or decrease their moral quality.

As change as women’s fashions

But morality is compared to women’s fashions, as it continually changes over time and according to what is implanted in the mass media. Or that today is moral, in the past it was not. What is moral in one nation is not in others. It is something very subjective, like other words such as love, freedom, respect, among many others.

According to the sages of the times, the true morality is that of the pure consciousness, that without having apprehended by a set of norms and laws, it feels from the bottom of its heart what is good or bad, if it proceeds in a right or wrong way. This is dictated by an internal judge who has been called consciousness in the Western world.

But even many acts of that pure consciousness could be interpreted and described as immoral. We could conclude that the natural morality adhered to the human spirit is permanent, whereas the one implanted by the force and that varies according to the Times, cultures and fucking geographical, does not have reality precisely because of its impermanence and subjectivity.

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Essay about Morality
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June 9, 2019

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