Summary At daybreak

“At daybreak” is an account of Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, included in the book “The Plain in Flames” and whose characters are: Esteban, Don Justo and the niece of Don Justo.

Mexican customs

Rulfo had a defined aesthetic goal and was to revolutionize Latin American literature, in the sense that most of the old stories had always tried to narrate aspects of the beauty of life. But the Mexican writer wanted to go further and show the reality, with his stories of the normal people of a town and the customs of the people of that time.

The story “In the early morning” refers to the story of a man named Esteban and worked in the estate of Don Justo, Esteban likes Don Justo’s niece, but Esteban and his niece keep it a secret.

Esteban was in charge of the cattle, and in one dawn saw a calf with his mother who tried to prevent Esteban giving a beating to the calf, Don Justo saw it and got quite angry for what it was and beat Esteban. That same day Don Justo appears dead for which Esteban is the main suspect, but he does not remember anything.

It´s an unforgettable book.


Summary At daybreak
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June 15, 2019

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