History and evolution of the Google logo

With the new face of Google and its beautiful new logo recall the evolution of this since the beginning of the company.

From Google, the search giant, was hardly a university project, identity and character It has been reflected in their logos. The truth is that the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has always been known for its great innovation, its rapid growth, being a different company and its expansion to increasingly diverse areas. Not for nothing, very recently, we were surprised by the restructuring of the entire company and its path to becoming Alphabeth.

“G is for Google”

So, Google as such passes has become one of the many brands that make up the Alphabet family, and the appointment of its new CEO: Sundar Pichai. Then, many news and new strategies of Huge Mountain View as avecinaron logo change this September 1 past.

17 years and six logos


Let us then review the evolution of the logo in these 17 years. And above all that logo Backrub, when Page and Brin started their school project in 1996, which later became the company it is today tremendous. Apparently it was the same Sergey Brin who made the following logo in GIMP, yes the famous image editing program, free and part of the GNU project. Backrub team is a curiosity, especially by the current large company.

1997 logo

1998 logo

Also Made by Sergey Brin GIMP, using Google logo font Baskerville Bold; This design was used from September to October 1998. We note that from the first logo combining the three primary colors and green, which is a secondary color is used, but in this version, the famous “G” blue yet It was green.

Logo in 1998-1999

Here we notice the combination known until today, of course in this 1999 version logo sported an exclamation point at the end, so to Yahoo! This logo was used from October 1998 to May 1999.

Logo 1999-2010

No doubt the Google logo that has represented the company. This is a piece by the designer Ruth Kedar. We can see that the design is based on the source Catull having features serif, which are not shake until 1 September, the current logo.

2010-2013 logo

In this design the shade in the letters that compose it disappears, and change the saturation of the yellow of the second ” O “, which looked more like pure primary color it is.

Logo in 2013-2015

all texture

2015 logo

So, we got the beautiful contemporary design that eliminated their serifs and is a own company source. They were refined many details and colors.


With the evolution of Google logos they have also been redesigned favicons displayed in browser tabs. Here evolution.


We could discuss Google logos without its famous Doodles that surprise us every time. At an early age of the company, the first Google Doodle was none other than one dedicated to the famous festival href=”https://burningman.org/” Burning Man; Legend has it that he was put on the homepage to announce that all had gone to amuse the desert to the wild and unusual festival.

After this Doodle have occurred at least 2000 doodles, some only exposed in certain countries because of its subject and relevance to the inhabitants of these places, but you can see them in their doodles file and learn more this beautiful tradition of celebrating the relevant events.


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