How Electronic Signatures can Reduce Costs For Small Businesses?

Business, English - August 24, 2020

It’s time to forget all the paperwork and move your documents back and forth between various authorities. Instead of traditional signatures, give a try to electronic signatures. They are not only paperless, fast, and efficient but also help your business save time and reduce cost.

The e-signatures have become an important tool for small businesses to help them succeed by saving them time and money. With e-signs they can closely deal with the clients and get the contracts science online in just a small amount of time. There is no need to fax the documents of a shipment fee in order to send them to the relevant person. For small businesses time and money make big differences in this world of increasing competition.

If you are new to business or just have launched a new house brand, it is recommended you to manage your documents with online e-sign solution providers. It will help in streamline documentation and also help you keep their track. The best way is to register with CocoSign, which is an electronic signature service provider. It offers legally binding documents and their effective management.

Image 1. How Electronic Signatures can Reduce Costs For Small Businesses?

Cocosign is a recognized name in the world of electronic and digital signatures. It has been featured in many outlets such as CENT, Forbes, Mac World, and Digital Trends for providing the best e-sign solutions to the users around the world.

Here’s how electronic signatures can save costs for small businesses

PDF is widely used in the business world. You can esign pdf free through CocoSign and help yourself as well as your business save precious time, energy, & money. Moreover, it ensures the safety of the agreement & makes the tempering very unlikely, which in the case of traditional signatures is possible. E-signatures help the small businesses in the following ways;

Local administration cost

By using electronic signatures,you can mainly reduce your business expenses. It is because you do not need paper, ink, toner, scanner printing machine and other devices to sign the documents manually. Moreover, you do not have to pay the mailing fees for the shipment cost to send your documents overseas.

This saves you quite a handsome amount of money in the long run. You can also reduce the cost of small supplies such as folders, envelopes and storage cabinets because there is no need for a substantial amount of papers for your documents. CocoSign not only allows you to sign your documents online but also save them in your dashboard as long as you want.

Decrease the security expense

Electronic signatures are designed in a way that they are difficult to hack or accessed by a third party. These services are designed according to world-class security systems to make the chances of document tapering and information stealing very unlikely.

Image 2. How Electronic Signatures can Reduce Costs For Small Businesses?

With CocoSign you can track the progress through your account as well. This can help you know when the other person opened the document to view or sign it. You can also determine whether your documents are seen or assigned only by the appropriate person.

This enhanced security increases the document integrity. It means that you do not have to buy some extra space on various online document protection software and pay for their subscription plans.

Fast and efficient

When you have a contract which needs to be signed immediately but the other person is not around, and the third party you are dealing with demands the document as soon as possible. What will you do if you are following the traditional signature process? Of course, to wait for the other person to arrive, view the document and sign it. This long wait can irritate your third party, and it is very likely that it withdraws the deal and puts your company in major losses.

On the other hand, if you opt for electronic signatures, you can upload the document in the dashboard or just email it to the parties involved in the affair and ask them to sign it. Everyone will affix their electronic signatures, and as soon as they do, you will receive an instant confirmation. This can help you make the deals fast and efficiently, increase your growth revenues and help your business grow more.

You can also make a great impression on your customer by completing all the processes quickly and complete the transactions in just a matter of minutes.

Why use CocoSign E-signature services?

Image 3. How Electronic Signatures can Reduce Costs For Small Businesses?

Below are given some of the salient features that make CocoSign worthy of giving a try:

  • It works in a secure environment which is end to end encrypted. It ensures that no third party can access your documents or try to break the security to steal your information.
  • No tampering of documents in the transaction.
  • Cost-effective and affordable subscription plans
  • 14 days free trial period
  • User-friendly interface
  • Allows various file formats (PDF, Word, PNG, JPG, Docs, Excel, XLS, & many others) to be signed electronically.
  • Allows multiple users to view, sign, and download the document (provided that they are granted access by the text owner).
  • Offers 100+ templates for business contracts & agreements
  • Facilitates the user to create unique signatures by using the features of CocoSign’s E-sign generator.