The woman who married a rag doll

The woman who married a rag doll

The world of relationships is becoming more and more permissive. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to want to go beyond a traditional relationship. There are quite exorbitant fetishes, such as wearing a diaper or dressing up as an animal during intimate relations, or taking a silicone doll as a partner.

But there is a small group of people who have taken these strange attitudes to another level. There are already several cases of people who have formalized their relationships by marrying robots or dolls. In this installment we present: the woman who married a rag doll and had a child. Let’s see:

The story became known thanks to social networks. Meirivone Rocha, the woman protagonist of this story, was born in Brazil. It all started as a game on the part of her mother, who was very worried about seeing her single daughter at the age of 37, which is why she decided to make a life-size rag doll and gave it to her as a gift so that she would not feel alone. What no one expected was that from that curious gift, Meirivone developed a fetish and ended up falling in love with the doll, whom she named Marcelo.

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Meirivone took on the task of telling her followers on Tiktok, where she frequently uploads videos with the rag doll. According to her, it was all part of a game, but love was born between them, so she decided to marry him. The wedding was published on that platform in December 2021 and the physical event was attended by 250 guests. In the video she said textually:

“walking down the aisle was a beautiful thing. On the wedding night with my husband Marcelo, we enjoyed a wonderful moment”.

Although her strange marriage is something difficult to understand for most people, the Brazilian says that there is a lot of love involved and for her, that is the most important thing, that she really feels unconditional love towards Marcelo and therefore, she decided to form a family with him. The wedding event, which also went viral on other platforms, gave her enough money to enjoy a honeymoon vacation in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian already had two children of flesh and blood, but decided to have one with Marcelo. The birth, which was assisted by a doctor and a nurse, was also broadcast on social networks, although in the end it became known in reality what it all consisted of.

The new member of the family was named Marcelinho. When he turned one year old, he prepared a party for him and shared it with all his followers. All these curious videos became so viral that they caught the attention of the news media and now, her story is known worldwide.

But it hasn’t ended there, the strange relationship started to face its setbacks. According to Meirivone, she chose to marry Marcelo, a rag doll, because her previous relationships with a man of flesh and blood had broken her heart with infidelities, but recently, she let her followers know that she had discovered an infidelity of her now husband. According to the Brazilian, she had discovered very compromising text messages that Marcelo was having with another woman, and even confirmed that they had been in a hotel.

As usual they had their first argument and started sleeping in separate beds. Meirivone has been telling all the details of their bizarre relationship on her official Tiktok account, where she has millions of followers: the last thing that was known is that she forgave Marcelo and that they will fight to remain a happy marriage next to their little raggedy son.

Meirivone was invited to several programs and interviews, in one of which she confessed that she has done all this to get attention and for someone with a good heart to give her a house, to live comfortably with her children. These were her words:

“I want to earn a house for my children, to be able to raise them, that’s why I married Marcelo”.

In short, the childbirth, and absolutely everything, was nothing more than an act and a set-up.

However, Meirivone is not the only woman who has had strange relationships with dolls. These types of love affairs are becoming common, such as the case of Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder who married a doll he named Margo. Yuri also shared his process on social networks, stating that he felt very lonely and because he couldn’t find a suitable flesh and blood woman who understood him, the best thing for him was a doll. Recently, he posted that he would divorce Margo, because apparently, he had fallen in love with another doll.

These and other cases are becoming known through social networks, but most of these people do it with the intention of seeking more followers and gaining some worldwide fame, doing things out of the ordinary and publicizing their bizarre relationships.

Other people who have married dolls

Human society has undergone a wide range of changes and evolutions in terms of love relationships and marriages. Today, human relationships have become more diverse and open, and there is a greater degree of acceptance and understanding towards different forms of love and relationships. However, there are certain trends that have been the subject of controversy and criticism, and one of them is the practice of marrying dolls.

Doll marriage is a trend in which people establish loving and sexual relationships with realistic dolls that are designed to resemble a human partner. These dolls, also known as sex dolls or love dolls, have been designed with realistic details and features to resemble a human being and provide a unique partner experience.

Although this trend is seen by some as a new level of acceptance and tolerance for different forms of love, most of society criticizes and disapproves of it. People who marry dolls face a great deal of prejudice and negative criticism, with most people considering that a relationship with a doll cannot be considered a true love relationship or marriage.

However, for those who have chosen this path, a relationship with a doll can provide a wealth of emotional and psychological benefits. Realistic dolls are designed to look and feel like a human being, allowing people to experience a dating relationship without the risks and problems associated with human relationships. In addition, dolls provide a level of safety and privacy that human relationships cannot guarantee, which can be an important factor for those who have suffered emotional trauma or have had problematic relationships in the past.

Although many people may question the validity of a relationship with a doll, the reality is that these objects are increasingly present in society. The demand for realistic dolls has increased in recent years, and many manufacturers have responded to this demand with a wide range of customization options for customers.

One of the most notable cases is that of Davecat, a Michigan man who has been interviewed by several media outlets for his relationship with his realistic doll, named Sidore Kuroneko. Davecat fell in love with Sidore online, and then bought the doll so he could be with her physically. Davecat has even arranged a wedding ceremony with Sidore, with close friends and family in attendance.

Another well-known case is that of a Japanese woman who married an anime doll. The woman, known only as “Sal9000,” organized a wedding ceremony at an anime convention in Tokyo, where she married a cardboard figure of her favorite anime character. The wedding was officiated by a voice actor who played the anime character.

While these cases are atypical and may seem strange to some people, it is important to remember that everyone has the right to choose who they love and how they love. These cases also show that realistic dolls are increasingly present in society, and that people are looking for ways to relate and connect in new and innovative ways.

One such case is that of a German man named Michael, who lives with his doll wife named Margo at their home in Nuremberg. Michael has said he has been married to Margo for several years, and has shared details of their relationship on social media and interviews.

Another case that has gained some media attention is that of a British man named Dave Hockey, who lives with his doll partner, named “Silicone Samantha.” Dave has even created a website to promote and sell sex dolls, including “Silicone Samantha”.

What do psychologists think about these people?

The issue of people who marry dolls is a controversial topic in psychology and there are different opinions among psychologists. Some psychologists argue that these relationships are not necessarily harmful if they are consensual and do not harm other people. Other psychologists argue that these relationships are a form of emotional avoidance or a response to unresolved attachment issues.

Some psychologists have also argued that attraction to dolls and robots could be a way to evade the complexities and challenges of human relationships, which can be more difficult to navigate and may involve conflict and disagreement. Some have also speculated that there may be a control and power component to these relationships, as the person in a relationship with a doll or robot has almost total control over the relationship and does not need to deal with the emotional ups and downs of a human relationship.

However, it is important to remember that each person and each situation is unique, and any assessment of these relationships must be based on a detailed and personalized analysis of the situation. In general, psychologists seek to understand and help people navigate their feelings and relationships, and to find healthy and satisfying ways to meet their emotional needs.

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