What Do New MacBook Owners Need to Know?

What Do New MacBook Owners Need to Know? Switching from Windows to macOS can be trickier than one expects. The transition is not that smooth for some people because they have spent too much time on Windows, and familiarizing themselves with another operating system takes too long. Of course, you will not get used to the new environment without spending time in it. And when it comes to computers, using them is one of the best ways to get acquainted. If you want to speed up the process of becoming more efficient with your MacBook, you could also take a different approach and learn some neat details in advance.

Backing up Data

Creating regular data backups should be one of the first things you need to do. And it is not just about freeing up more space on your disk to keep the MacBooks’ performance optimal. No, the goal is to ensure that there is a copy of files in case something goes wrong with the laptop’s hardware. Overall, MacBooks are reliable, but they are like any other computer in the sense that the hardware could break down when you least expect it. Besides, there is also a possibility of a malware attack, and that could also erase the computer’s data. Thankfully, backing up Mac data is not that difficult. You can use Time Machine together with an external hard drive to set up a regular backup process or transfer your files to iCloud. iCloud offers five gigabytes of free storage with an option to get a monthly subscription. You can get as many as two terabytes of total storage by paying 10 dollars a month.

Improving the Performance

While Macs are quite reliable as far as their performance goes, you should still be wary about potential issues down the line. Sooner or later, you will notice that the laptop takes longer to load. The battery lifespan may also decrease. In some instances, there might even be random app freezes and crashes. Besides freeing up the drive storage, you can improve the computer’s performance by decluttering the desktop, quitting background applications, disabling visual effects, removing potentially corrupted files, upgrading hardware, cleaning the dust inside, and getting a cooling pad. Keep in mind, though, that these issues should not be present early on. It is something to keep in mind once your MacBook becomes a bit old and starts to show signs that it is starting to slow down.

Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

You can find the list of Mac keyboard shortcuts on the official Apple support page. The list is quite long, and you will notice that plenty of the keyboard shortcuts are not that relevant. On the other hand, there should be some that would improve your efficiency using the MacBook. For example, Option + Command + Delete to remove files permanently if you do not want to bother with dragging them in the Trash Bin and emptying it. Shift + Command +4 or 3 take screenshots, while Command + W closes an active tab. The combinations are a bit different from what you might be used to as a former Windows user. But like with other aspects, you should memorize relevant MacBook keyboard shortcuts in time.

Using the Official App Store

The official App Store is one of the biggest advantages Mac users can utilize. There is a plethora of available entertainment, lifestyle, work, finance, and general applications to install on the MacBook. Of course, the official Store is not the only place where you can get macOS applications. It is just that it is a safe location since Apple approves every app on its Store, meaning you are unlikely to encounter potential problems. The same cannot be said about third-party apps. Thus, if you end up downloading software from outside the official Store, make sure that you stick to trustworthy developers.

Dealing With Malware

MacBooks are quite reliable as far as malware prevention goes. Besides, cybersecurity threat developers are less likely to create malware targeted at macOS because it is not as popular as Windows. Not to mention that Apple is known for its policy to ensure user security. Nevertheless, there are still many instances of MacBook malware causing problems. Thus, taking some precautions is a good piece of advice. For starters, you should install antivirus software and have it run in the background. Enabling the Firewall would help as well. Lastly, if you need to join public Wi-Fi on your MacBook, get a VPN service for online security and privacy.

Prioritizing System Updates

Some Mac users may be reluctant to install macOS updates as soon as they are available because it takes a while to download and install a new operating system version. However, delaying each update also means delaying the latest features, security improvements, and overall performance boost. Therefore, you should prioritize getting the most recent macOS version even if it needs time.
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