Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

Business, English - August 31, 2021
Image 1. Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

A child’s education during his formative years is crucial. Early childhood education is going to be your child’s first exposure to formal education, and this will largely spell your child’s attitude towards going to school. 

Early education is actually a good opportunity to boost your child’s learning as this period entails rapid development in various aspects of his life such as physical, social, mental, and emotional areas. Some families even start with home tuition services during this time to be able to maximize this opportunity. 

If you have a child below 8 years old, it’s a good idea to learn more about early childhood education and get a greater understanding. Here are some more reasons why early childhood education is important:

Studies show that early childhood is a crucial period of development in a person’s life

Countless research in child psychology points to the fact that early childhood is a period of development that is unparalleled in terms of how quick a person in this stage of life experiences development in multiple areas of his being. As mentioned earlier, at this time, a child will undergo rapid development in many aspects including physically and mentally as his body (including his brain) is developing at a great pace. Early childhood is then a biologically-based golden hour of growth that can be tapped to gain the most benefit out of it.

Early childhood is the backbone of a child’s educational journey

Early childhood would be a period of “firsts”. This includes his first experience going to school, making friends, listening to teachers and working on school work. 

With this, a child’s education at this period of time serves as his first impression to a long commitment to the length of his educational journey. Thus, how your child values education can largely be affected by his experience during his early childhood education years. 

Researchers found that people who had a strong early childhood education performed well later on in life

As a result of leveraging on the physiological changes during early childhood, people who had strong education during this period tended to perform better than those who don’t have a strong early childhood education.

Some of the advantages of receiving great early childhood education are higher IQ, better performance in primary and secondary school, increased likelihood of attending and finishing college or university, and generally a better outlook towards education.

People who received early childhood education tend to be more well-rounded persons as they grow up

Aside from academic performance, various studies also show that early childhood has a great help in our personality. With a great appreciation of education, as well as having been exposed to morals early on in life, people who received early childhood education are less likely to engage in crime, early pregnancy, and even substance abuse. Moreover, some research shows that those who had early childhood education are more likely to suffer from depression.

These studies find that proper socializing at an early age through a great early childhood education program has helped in shaping one’s personality, allowing them to be well-rounded as they grow-up. Not only does this help them be more equipped in facing the real world, but a community full of well-rounded citizens would be a pleasant society to be part of.

True enough, there are lots of benefits that can be realized by receiving early childhood education. It is then best to take it seriously so you can maximize the opportunity that your child’s early years present before you.

For best results, engage the services of experts such as home tuition specialists that can take your child’s early childhood education to the next level so that his future will similarly be taken up a notch.