Telegram 3.14 includes your own Instant Articles, blog platform and more

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    The latest update of Telegram was at the beginning of October, and if we have learned anything in this time is that when they are silent for so long is because they are planning something big. In the previous version, were the mini-games HTML5, and the new update 3.14 contains a lot of improvements and many of which are unique to Android.

    Among the new features is the Snapshot, the Instant Articles own Telegram, a own platform to write blogs improvements in the search of messages passed, a selection of stickers more quickly, information, groups in common of the contacts, some screens with an improved user interface and other new features.

    The Instant Articles come to Telegram

    While to post Instant Articles on Facebook it is necessary to prepare your blog and almost ask permission to the city council, Telegram includes a feature virtually identical, here named View Snapshot without any additional configuration. The idea is the same, when you access a link to a web site in Telegram, instead of having to go to the web (Chrome Custom Tabs, or not) opens instantly in the application with a viewer itself.


    For now, this Quick View is available in a few web sites, but will be expanded in the future until it is the norm and not the exception.

    Telegram creates his own blogging platform

    Telegram has launched its own platform blog the style of or but much more minimalist, call If you follow the link you’ll see there’s basically nothing there except a form where you write the title and start writing. You can use it both from the mobile and in the browser on the web.

    Telegra Ph

    Writing is very easy since there is hardly any distraction and do not need to create any account or anything like that. Once you’ve finished, you get a link that you can share in Telegram to you, of course, is available in the Quick View.

    Search by date

    One of the advantages of Telegram is the use of the cloud to save all of your conversation history, photos and videos of all your conversations. After months or years using it, it may not always be able to find the message that you are looking for. Now you have a little help, a calendar to filter messages from a specific date.


    To use the calendar you must initiate the search from within a chat (does not work if you use the general search in the chat list). Then tap on the new calendar icon, available at the bottom of the window.

    See pack of stickers from Recent

    The tab stickers recent mixture all recent stickers that you’ve used, so that you can return to use quickly. Now it is also possible to use them to access your package of stickers, although it is recognised that in Android is a bit tricky without 3D Touch. You should make a long press and then keep the finger on it, to open the bottom menu.


    Groups in common

    what sounds like something this person? Maybe you have seen a group of Telegram before… but in what? No problem, the only thing you have to do is to open your user profile in the Telegram, where there is now a new section listing the groups, both of which are members.


    Small changes in Android

    In the latest updates from Telegram always had a couple of unique things about iOS, which as discussed in Telegram has infuriated more than one. To fix it they claim, in jest, to have discharged the developer of iOS that both have worked, but what is certain is that in order to compensate Telegram 3.14 includes several changes that are exclusive to Android.

    • New interface to create users and select users in the privacy options
    • New interface for the options notifications
    • Improved security in the protection of chats by using a code
    • faster Camera to take photos and videos
    • Best video compression
    • New image viewer
    • It’s easier to add comments to pictures before sending them


    you Can get the latest version of Telegram and enjoy these improvements to Google Play, where it is already available.


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    More information | Telegram
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    Telegram 3.14 includes your own Instant Articles, blog platform and more
    November 23, 2016

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