You can redeem gift cards Google Play in Spain

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  • google-play-cards-redeem

    One of the reasons I always been used to justify a little more Google Play no sales had was the fact that to buy apps is mandatory to enter a credit card. That’s something that not everybody has for various reasons, or even need to do have but do not feel comfortable trusting your data to Google. Something perfectly understandable, and that is supposed corrected with the advent of gift cards . But the reality is that in many countries, such as Spain, yet we can not use these cards.


    If we go for a new entry on Google Play, is gift cards may soon come to Spain. Now, when accessing target=”_blank”> , we will see a new entry called “redeem”. If we entered it again we ask our Google data access, and can write code in a field card to add that amount of money to our account of Google Wallet.

    Yet there are limitations as the money we get gift cards can not be used to buy devices , so if you want a Nexus we will have no choice but to pay by card as before. We have no arrival date cards to stores, so I will inform you as you get that information.

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    You can redeem gift cards Google Play in Spain
    August 4, 2013

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