Wave & Pose, or how to become self-photos in iOS


If we were to list all photo applications for iOS does not end up ever. Many of them offer us deep editing and many original features, but if you want us to ourselves photos, most of which require us to use the front camera of the mobile and shoot at odd angles.

To solve this problem arises Wave & Pose, an iOS application with which we can make models and feed our egos without any problem. We’ll just put our device in a stable and, away up to two meters of the approach, a symbol will appear with a hand activated Photo shot if we put our hand over the icon.

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photography course not fire while we placed our hands on the symbol, it will activate a timer to place ourselves, recoloquemos, lodge in and prepare to take the picture. The fun of the app is that we will be suggesting poses while taking pictures, emulating a photographer who guides us in the process Autocapture. Pictures are saved in the application directory and to not let anything missing, Wave & Pose comes with 13 filters that can be applied to the image before sharing on Facebook, Twitter or other.

You can download Wave & Pose iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad this link, and free.

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