What a UFO looks like inside and how it works

What a UFO looks like inside and how it works

At present, there are still many people who refuse to affirm that intelligent life exists on other planets in the universe, claiming that there is no empirical evidence that can prove its existence. However, thanks to technology and the ease of taking videos at any time, countless UFO sightings have been recorded around the world. Even NASA has declassified some documents and videos, which prove the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft prowling around our planet. In this installment we present: “How is a UFO inside and how it works”. Let’s see.

In search of extraterrestrial life

There are several projects and space missions such as Voyager 1 and 2; Pioneer 10 and 11, among other top secret projects in Area 51 of the United States, all focused on discovering extraterrestrial life, but the most important is the GALILEO project. This search began in the 1960s, with the main objective of examining traces of alien technology in our solar system.

In 1988, a mysterious man named Robert Scott Lazar told a conference that he had worked as a physicist for a military zone in Sector 4, near Groom Lake, better known as Area 51. According to Lazar, in these facilities that had a remote and hidden location for the whole world, they were dedicated to the study of the reverse engineering of 9 extraterrestrial ships and some alien bodies, which were captured by the military.

This fact marked his life completely, as he had access to such fascinating technology, which surely has thousands of years of advancement, compared to human technology. Lazar worked as a physicist in the propulsion system of these ships, so he had access to study their operation.

According to Robert Lazar, the ships are composed of 3 levels. In the central level, there are three seats located around a reactor. Each seat has a control console; on the walls, seven arches are distributed which, once the ship is turned on, become transparent, serving as windows.

On the lower level, there are three gravity amplifiers, all with independent movement; each has its own control linked to the consoles in the central part of the ship. The power source is composed of a very heavy fuel element, which Lazar called “element 115,” a material not found on Earth that the UFO uses as fuel.

Inside the central reactor, protons are very sophisticatedly launched into the nucleus of each atom, something that is very difficult to do in this world and has not been achieved with any particle accelerator.

The reactor practically creates a flow of antiparticles or antimatter, which is channeled through a tube to come into contact with ordinary matter. When these two elements come together, they create a destructive wave that releases a lot of heat, which is then converted into energy. Despite this, the craft does not generate any heat, which apparently violates the laws of physics, but is entirely possible for UFO technology.

At the top of the ship, apparently, is the key to levitate the ship, but that aerial was restricted even for Lazar himself.

In the process of annihilation of antimatter with matter, A-waves are created, which envelop the ship, creating its own center of gravity, something that would be impossible, since having its own gravity field as powerful as that of a UFO, would be equivalent to having the mass of an entire planet.

The engine is powered by nanotechnology, it does not have any screws or bolts. The alien engine contains extraterrestrial reading very similar to primitive cuneiform writing, but impossible to decipher, although Lazar claims to have seen 9 UFOs in the form of a flying saucer. He claims that there are different types of craft, each designed according to the type of mission it performs. In fact, he claims that there are pure energy craft, capable of overcoming the speed of light, space and time.

According to some theorists, the aliens exchanged technology with humanity in exchange for being able to experiment with humans. Thanks to that, top-secret projects exist where ships have been developed for use by intelligence agencies of the most powerful governments. This means that many of the spacecraft that have been captured in videos may be creations of man himself.

But the truth is that nothing is known for certain, officially.

A quantum and electromagnetic technology

First, it is important to keep in mind that UFOs have not been scientifically proven. There is no conclusive evidence that these objects are of extraterrestrial origin or that they are capable of traveling through space at incredible speeds. However, there are theories and speculations about how they might work if they were real.

According to some theories, UFOs would be able to defy the known laws of physics. It is believed that they could manipulate space and time to travel enormous distances in a short period of time. To do this, they would have to use a form of advanced technology that we do not yet fully understand.

As for the interior of a UFO, it is believed that it would be designed to minimize the effects of gravitational force. It is speculated that the vehicle would have technology that would be able to control and manipulate gravity, allowing occupants to travel without feeling the force of acceleration or deceleration.

The interior of a UFO could also have futuristic and advanced features, such as holographic control panels and touch screens. In addition, it is believed that UFOs could be equipped with quiet, highly efficient propulsion systems that do not emit heat or produce noise.

In terms of how a UFO works, there are several different theories. Some people believe that UFOs could be equipped with a form of antimatter engine, which would allow the vehicle to travel at incredible speeds. Other theories suggest that the UFOs could be using technology based on quantum physics, which would allow them to overcome the limitations of the speed of light.

Some theories suggest that UFOs could be equipped with teleportation technology, which would allow them to travel instantaneously from one place to another without having to traverse space. Others suggest that UFOs could use a form of electromagnetic propulsion technology, which would allow them to manipulate electromagnetic fields to move.

As for the interior of the UFO, some suggest that it could be designed in such a way that the occupants experience time differently. It is speculated that the UFO’s technology could manipulate time and space in such a way that, although only a few minutes may have passed inside the UFO, hours or even days could have passed in the outside world.

In addition, it is believed that UFOs could be equipped with advanced artificial life support technology, which would allow the occupants to survive in space without the need for protective equipment. This technology could include advanced life support systems, air and water regeneration systems, and climate control systems to maintain optimal conditions for life.

As for the shape of the UFO, there are also theories and speculation as to why they are shaped the way they are. Some suggest that the disk shape is because this design minimizes air resistance and maximizes flight efficiency. Others suggest that the disk shape is because it is easier to manipulate gravity on a circular shaped object.

Another interesting theory about UFOs is that they may be using antimatter technology to travel through space. Antimatter is the counterpart of matter, and when matter and antimatter meet, they annihilate each other, releasing enormous amounts of energy. UFOs could be using this energy to propel themselves through space, which would allow them to travel great distances in a short period of time.

As for the interior of the UFO, it is believed that it could be equipped with advanced virtual reality technology, which would allow occupants to experience any environment they desire. This would be made possible by stimulating the occupant’s senses, allowing them to experience virtual environments in a realistic and comprehensive manner.

As for how UFOs might manipulate gravity, some theories suggest that they could be using a form of dark energy technology. Dark energy is a form of energy that is believed to be present throughout the universe and is causing the accelerated expansion of the universe. UFOs could be using this energy to manipulate gravity and travel through space-time in a way that we do not yet understand.

Another interesting theory is that UFOs could be using mass displacement technology to manipulate gravity. The theory suggests that UFOs could be generating gravitational force fields around themselves, which would allow them to manipulate gravity and travel at incredible speeds.

As for the purpose of the UFOs and their occupants, there are many different theories and speculations. Some suggest that they could be extraterrestrial visitors who are exploring our planet and our solar system. Others suggest that they could be craft from an advanced civilization that has existed on Earth for a long time, possibly even before the existence of mankind.

It is believed that teleportation technology could work using quantum mechanics, a branch of physics that deals with the behavior of subatomic particles. Quantum mechanics suggests that subatomic particles may be entangled, meaning that they are intrinsically linked in a way that cannot be explained by classical physics.

As for the interior of the UFO, some theories suggest that it could be equipped with advanced regeneration technology, which would allow occupants to repair and regenerate their bodies in the event of injury or illness. This could be possible through the use of cloning technology or advanced genetic engineering, which would allow occupants to repair or replace damaged body parts.

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