Yes, it is possible to play on Android Undertale unofficially. We show how


Undertale has been for many one of the most popular games of 2015. This encourages us little indie title to rescan the RPG genre with a completely different perspective. Criticism has been divided with him but my recommendation is that if you like the game, give him a chance. If you know this game, you probably know that today there are only PC version. True, but someone on the Internet has taken the inconvenience of taking the game code and make a functional port of this fantastic game.

Undertale took Game Maker a tool for creating video games relatively easily. With this application we can make games for many platforms, including Android. Like almost all the creations made with Game Maker share a lot of code, someone has decided to take that code, wrap it to run on Android and then get a working version. Now, to make it work we have to Curran slightly. We show how

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MrPowerGamerBR, a user of Reddit, ha published a couple of methods to operate Undertale Android. The project is called Droidtale and is an unofficial port so to play need a physical control support Tincore KeyMapper. I already advance that most Bluetooth controls or USB on the go are supported making it easy to find one that works.

To make a port of Undertale, we need to have a copy of the game. The tools used what they do is take the code and audiovisual resources to package in an APK and we can play. That is why no support for touch controls since the original version was designed to play on PC. Maybe someday we will have an official Android adaptation

Here we have two possibilities:. Or using this application (Windows only) that handles everything automatically on a package or download APK APK is empty and load data manually. The first method is the simplest and once downloaded application just have to follow the instructions: open the .exe with WinRar or similar and extract data to create that DroidTale.APK.

The second method is, in my opinion, easier if we have to make a couple more steps. Let our copy of the game and look for a file named “”. Mac has a different name but to give you an idea, it is the largest file in the folder. Once we have located, make a copy of it and call game.droid.

When we have, downloaded the APK. We open it with WinRar or derivatives and look for a folder called “assets /”. Within this directory game.droid copy the file you just created earlier. When asked for overwrite, we give so. Finally, we have to sign the APK and we have made an issue about it.

So Undertale seen on Android

My advice is that you use apk signer (lo can download here). Follow the instructions in the folder (basically DroidTale to rename app.apk) and load the application to do the verification. This done, we will have our version of Android Undertale ready to play with a Bluetooth or wired control.

Probably many prefiráis still play the console version but if you want to try to do something different with your Android, I recommend you to take a look. The worst that can happen is that you do not believe the apk well and the game is locked at first. Over time hopefully get an official version of the game because Undertale is one of those titles that should give a chance

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