Youtube for Android TV finally let us manually choose the quality of videos

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Youtube for Android TV has been recently updated. On the Sony tvs has been this week, but other devices such as the PlayStation 4 already had this option a while ago. What is known is that Google is reshaping the application of Youtube for tv, from the official to the Apple TV. A few expected changes to prepare for the arrival of Android TV 8.0 and adapt to the rise of content in 4K this year already begins to be quite common.

The application has received a new design, and has changed the site some menus. Although it is not precisely this small renewal that he has called us the attention. In addition to an improvement of its archaic design, Youtube to television has enabled a small very useful option.

How to change the resolution of Youtube videos to Android TV

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To date, if we had a tv 4K and iniciábamos a video that supported this resolution, only if our internet connection was powerful enough, we activated the highest quality. That is to say, if the video was in full hd and 4K, what’s more normal is that we see only in full hd because the WiFi did not give much more. And here there were a lot of problems, because one can consider that your network is powerful enough. In the end what many optábamos if we wanted to see the maximum quality was to connect directly the Ethernet cable. Now there will be no need to do anything.

Youtube for Android TV incorporates a button to be able to manually choose the resolution and quality of videos that we want to see. It was a setting in the mobile application itself had inexplicably on the television not. From now on, solves a small problem.

To be able to view this button, we only need to go to the video chosen. Press enter to display the navigation bar, go to more options and there’s the first button will be the quality. Just looking at it will tell us the resolution, but now in addition to we can push that will take us to a list with the different configurations that supports the video.

Youtube Resolution

If you click on a specific resolution, the video will load to that quality regardless of the speed of the WiFi that we have.

it Is a setting very useful for example when we want to see the last trailer in 4K has come out, or if you just want to enjoy the videos that take full advantage of the quality of our Android TV. Unfortunately still no option to turn the HDR.

If you have a tv with Android TV, we advise you to try this little option. On the contrary, if you have a tv of Samsung or LG with another operating system, you’ll also be able to try it because this option is to be implemented in nearly all versions of Youtube for television. A small step to be able to enjoy the content in the best quality.

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Youtube for Android TV finally let us manually choose the quality of videos
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February 23, 2018

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