Telegram Download for Windows, Linux and MAC

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    Telegram Telegram Download for Windows , Linux and MAC

    In this new post I will provide links Direct to install the application fashionable at the moment, an instant messaging in the style Whatsapp but since it is fully open character Open Source or open source .

    Telegram is your name and we will to install Windows, Linux and MAC , as an extension or application Chrome or as valid for the major Internet browsers currently existing web application.

    As I say Telegram is the application that is most talked about in recent weeks and looms as a tough competition to the almighty Whatsapp .

    Download Links for Android and iOS

    If you have an Android device you can download directly from the official Android app store Play Store Google or also known as Google Play :

     Download Telegram for Windows, Linux and MAC Telegram
    Price : Free

    For Apple devices as the iPhone or iPad can download it directly from the App Store :

    centre;”>  telegram download for windows linux and mac Telegram 1 Download for Windows, Linux and MAC

    Download Links for Windows Phone in Alpha versions

    telegram download for windows linux and mac Telegram 2 Download for Windows, Linux and MAC

    To Windows Phone have several versions available of which I have selected two versions state Alpha yet because the others are in pre-alpha phase :

    The first one is called Migram and la you can download from this link .

    The second is called Ngram and from this other link can download the totally free .

    links for Windows, Linux and MAC

    telegram also available for your personal computer 5 Telegram Download for Windows, Linux and MAC

    First of all I am going to leave the version extension for Chrome which is compatible with all operating systems listed because it is an extension or application to be installed in the browser Chrome :

    Download Webogram Google Chrome desde here

    If you want to install in your PC either Windows, Linux or MAC then I leave direct links to download the applications according to your operating system:

    elijais the option that you choose Telegram offers you the convenience of being connected from your personal computers, portable devices like Tablets and Smartphones and keep the installation on multiple devices so . simultaneous

    More info – Testing Telegram on your desktop


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    Telegram Download for Windows, Linux and MAC
    February 8, 2014

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