The true story of Pou

Pou is the name of an application that reminds us a lot of the ancient tamaguchis. It is an application that can be downloaded from the Google Play application and that has already become one of the most popular to the point that games dedicated to it have also been created on different websites dedicated to entertainment.

The true story of Pou

Pou, the mascot for the control of the masses?

It is an extraterrestrial virtual pet that you can feed, clean, observe while it grows, change your suit, play with it and, in general, customize it as you wish. The application is available for both Android from Google Play, for iPhone from iTunes and for Blackberry from the store of black cherries.

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However, could not you hide behind such a friendly and funny pet? Well, apparently Pou had been designed as a social experiment,as a macabre control plan from the very basis of society, that is, children.

What are the statements?

According to this theory, before Pou was designed and launched, a group of prestigious psychologists and sociologists, experts in the behavior of the human being in the dough, was contracted to create something that could distract the children in the forceful way and where The children felt that they were already interacting with something real.

The purpose of this is for entertaining people, identified with games, fashions, habits, music, etc., so that more effective control over the masses can be exercised. In this way, Pou would be just one of the lines that would be working on a better way to achieve his goals and, of course, he has also defragmented something that is harmless that can even inspire tenderness.

Be that as it may, Pou continues to advance in an accelerated way and more and more children are looking for their virtual pet that, with the exception of the tamaguchis, seems to have become an even greater phenomenon. The reason: Pou can be downloaded for free on the cell phone and, today, cell phones are the main consumer product virtually mandatory.

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