Your timeline in Google Maps: how to check and manage the location history of your Android

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    Your timeline in Google Maps: how to check and manage the location history of your Android

    With our Google account comes enabled by default with the location history, a feature that tracks our location every time to keep track of our trips and places we visited.

    These data will serve Google to offer personalized experiences, such as recommendations of sites or daily commute. That history can be viewed and managed at any time from the Timeline of Google Maps.

    See your timeline


    To see our location history so we just have to open the application Google Maps and in your side menu to access the Timeline. There we can see the sites and routes that we have done each day. By clicking on the calendar icon you can select a particular day.

    Manage your chronology


    We may revise the chronology of a particular day to add a site that we have visited and that Google Maps has not been detected, to edit any information that has not detected well, as the travel time or duration of a trip, or eliminate the full day if we do not want to be registered in our history.

    Add notes to your timeline


    it Also allows us to add notes to a day of our chronology, if we want to remember in the past why we were on that day in that location, or was made that way.

    Delete location history


    From Timeline > Menu > Settings we can delete your location history. To do this we have two options, one for delete all the location history and another option delete a period from the history.

    turn Off the location history

    From their settings, we can also clear the history by tapping on the option location history is enabled. Leads us to our Google account to show us the option to turn off location history. When you disable this option Google will save our locations and journeys, so that we will no longer receive personalized recommendations through the Wizard of Google and other services from the company.


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    Your timeline in Google Maps: how to check and manage the location history of your Android
    January 7, 2019

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